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Paranormal Powers

Indian Paranormal Powers

Origin of Tantra & Mantra :

Tantra has been produced by the LORD SHIVA. Lord Shiva has generated it for the goodness of human.

Definition of Tantra:

Tantra Mantra
Tantra is a Divine System. Tantra is hindi word and its correct meaning in English is Divine System. It contains with the combination of two words “Tattva” and “Mantra”. Meaning of tattva is celestial principle wherein mantra is the word or group of words, which have their specific meaning. When Sadhak chant the mantra then a type of power attract towards his chant from the universe and gathered around him, This is called aura power, Aura Circle generates around his body which help him to get success in his sadhna perfectly. So tantra is the combination of “Yantra” and “Mantra” and the person who does this practice is called “Tantrik”. Tantra is completely type of Science which required all type of rules and regulations

Illusion about Tantra :

Tantrik practice
Mostly peoples have the illusion about the tantra, they think tantra always used for the inhuman works but the fact is that Lord Shiva created this science to complete the paranormal works efficiently.  Paranormal works like “Contact to the paranormal powers (Ghost, Vampire, Bhoot, Jin etc) and get the work completed by them” etc. Tantra is the very powerful way to complete the paranormal work. Tantra derived from the “ATHAR VEDA”, and the oldest science technology of Indian.

How Tantra Works:

Tantriks calling the ghost or other powers
Tantra works definitely if Tantrik works in disciplines and rules of tantra. It never can fail. Tantrik has to follow all rules, how he has to worship, how he has to live, when he need to wake up and when he need to eat etc. Except these Tantrik has to provide “BHOG” to his “Tantrik God” (Bhog – It a Type of Food which offered to the tantrik God).  Bhog is very urgent act of tantrik it must be on time otherwise Tantrik has to face very blunder loss.

Famous Tantrik Place:

Bengal is the famous in India for there Jadu (Magic). “Asam –Bengal ka Jadu”, this type of saying is also famous in India. As most of the Tantrik are found there in Bengal because mostly Tantrik God/Goddess are live there and when Tantrik done the tantrik practice there, he got the success very soon with 100% result.

How to Renew the Tantrik Powers on Festivals:

Lord Shiva created the Tantra
Tantrik improve their tantrik powers on some specific festivals, i.e. “Holy”, “Dusshera”, “Diwali” etc. Because on the occasion of festivals, all types of powers are get free from all type of controls. Dusshera is the main festivals for tantriks. On this day Lord Rama killed the Ravana, and Ravana is the only person who is the greatest tantrik over world till today, No one can become equal to him in tantrik sadhna, because Ravana done very hard austerity for Lord Shiva and Then Lord Shiva became happy on Ravana, Lord Shiva became himself his Master (Guru) and bless him all the tantrik powers.  So on the day of Dusshera When Lord Rama killed the Ravana Then all Tantrik powers become free from him that’s why Tantriks do the tantrik practice that day to restore these paranormal powers. Tantrik did the practice whole night and got the paranormal powers.

Tantrik Types :

Three Types of Tantrik are :

  1. Satwik Tantrik :  Satwik mean Satisfaction and Peace, So this type of tantrik help the needy persons. These type of tantrik are the very powerful than the both tantrik mentioned below. They never charge any fund or money from needy persons, Just will help those without any personal matter. They are the strongest followers of God.

  1. Rajsik Tantrik : Rajsik mean quality and confort. This type of tantrik do all work for only their personal benefits, But they never harm to any others. They use tantra power to for money or any other personal works. This type of tantra are the neutral tantra, which every one wants to get done because this life is full of unlimited demands.

  1.  Tamsik Tantra or Aghor Tantra :  Tamsik mean anger and war. This is the third form of tantra and most of people trus that this the actual tantra because in this type of tantra people can killed, people become ill, hurt someone etc, all type of inhuman work can be done in this type of tantra. As the inhuman work has been done in this tantra that’s why this is infamous and people didn’t like it. But Tantra is the system and power, It is not the subject of like or dislike.

How to start Tantrik Sadhna or Tantrik Practice :

Tantra mean Power, and created by the Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the owner of all such powers. But mostly tantrik believe in ‘Lord Kaal Bhairav’ , Bhairva is also the form of Lord Shiva. Bhairva is also the most powerful tantrik God and moves ahead in all the God's, So one who want to do this tantrik practice, He has to make ‘Mashan Bhairav’ happy.

Tantra Powers :

  1. Tantra can alive the dead person, this is unbelievable but 100% truth.
  2. Call the paranormal powers (ghost, vampire, bhoot, Jin etc) and talk with them.
  3. Paranormal Works completed by these paranormal powers.
  4. They can ask about Past, Present and future of someone to called power.
  5. Power of change the Nature, If it is summer then changed it to winter.
  6. Power of call the Rain without any season
  7. Kill anyone etc.

There are so many magical acts which a tantrik can do.

Now a days just few tantrik has left who can do the all above miracle and These tantrik can be found when needy person will search them on their famous places i.e. Bengal, Himalayas etc. In our society we are not able to find that type of powerful tantriks. I have searched and met lot of such types of Tantriks, and learn lot of knowledge from them about the


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