Divine Spiritual Power

Divine Spiritual Power

Mantra materialized with firm faith --   Master Blessing

Divine Spiritual Power
            When Swami Rama Tirtha was  a professor, he had drawn a list of successful and unsuccessful students which brought him to the conclusion that those students, who were engrossed in base pleasures during the examination, were often unsuccessful – even though they were considered to be good student in the class. On the other hand, all those students whose minds were pure and focused during the examination days were successful

            A survey conducted in the colleges of Britain’s world famous ‘Cambridge University’ also gives a warning to unrestrained students. Accordingly, those colleges in which the students led an unrestrained life overindulging in promiscuity, showed poorer results compared to those in which the students were more restrained.

            To control sexual desire is a Herculean task. That is why Manu Maharaj states, “One should not sit even with his own mother, sister, or daughter in solitude. The sense organs are not easily controllable and may lead to the downfall of even wise people.”

Vital Truth

            I would especially like to address the youth, as this is the section of society that will lay the foundation of a positive future for our nation. The youth of India who used to remain engaged in the all round development of the nation, while at the same time making earnest effort towards seeking answers to their spiritual queries, are today simply wasting their invaluable life in the mad gratification of base sexual desires.

            Sexual energy is not a curse but a boon bestowed by God upon human beings When this sexual energy develops in the adolescence, it fills the youth with so much vigour and self-confidence that he feels he can achieve anything and everything in this world. But the majority of today’s youth fall prey to the vices of masturbation and illicit relationships.

The Evil Effects of Masturbation

Power of Self Restraint
            Such bad habits divest the youth of their power to retain the vital energy, leading to erosion of strength, wisdom, health, luster and ojas. Their eyes become weak and lusterless, while their face is devoid of radiance. A little strenuous work makes them exhausted. A kind of darkness envelopes one’s vision and excessive weakness causes dizzy spells. The will – power is weakened as well.

            The youth who observes self-restraint during the age of 17 to 24 years, develops a strong willpower and a keen intellect. He is able to maintain his energy, vigour and zest for the rest of his life. However, the youth who wastes his seminal power even before reaching the age of 20, becomes disheartened and demoralized, and his intellect is stunted for the rest of his life. I would like the youth to learn some proven techniques of preserving this vital fluid. The ordinary aids to observance of brahmachary like fasting, diet-control, etc. give only temporary benefits, as has been proved thought extensive research studies.

Mantra materialized with firm faith --   Master BlessingMantra materialized with firm faith --   Master BlessingMantra materialized with firm faith --   Master Blessing

Let there be Sattva Guna in Your Life!

Power of Self Restraint
            ‘Sattvic (partaking of the quality of light, purity, harmony, and goodness) tendencies can be activated in one’s life by listening to sattvic Shastras like the Puranas, partaking of Sattvic food and following in the footsteps of saints.’

            When Tamasic (partaking of the quality of dullness, inertia, folly, and desire for an object or goal) tendencies preponderate in one’s life, one becomes distressed, restless, agitated and sick. Possessed of all kinds of assets, one remains impoverished. When Sattva Guna is ascendant, one is covered with glory whether or not one is possessed of wealth.

            ‘Sattva Guna brings knowledge of Ultimate Truth.’

            ‘Purity in what you ingest enhances Sattva Guna.’
            The Palate ingests food; the eyes ingest sight; the ears ingest sound; the nostrils ingest smell; and the skin ingests touch. If you want to touch, touch of lord’s feet; touch the flowers offered to the lord to your eyes. Likewise behold only the Lord’s idol or image or else behold the lord’s in whatever you see. If you want to speak, speak only about the Lord. Listen only about the lord. The Panchdashi says ‘Think only about Him’; speak only about him; This is the quickest way to God – Realization and Deliverance from the samsara.

Power of Self Restraint
            Sublimation of sexual energy does not mean making the semen flow from the testicles towards the brain, a fact which has confused many people. It means the sublimation of a bio-electric energy which activates thee semen. There is no such duct or vein through which semen can flow up-wards in that manner. Hence, while there is no question of the semen going upwards, the loss of semen is caused by the downward flow of this bio-electric energy.

            Therefore, when a man looks at a woman clad in provocative clothes, or visualizes the body of a woman, this bio-electric energy flows downwards to the Mooladhara Chakra and activates the sexual centre causing the ejaculation of semen. Consequently the person ends up wasting his sexual energy. Yogis and tantriks were aware of this subtle reality. General physicians and biologists do not comprehend it, and hence even with their sophisticated medical equipment they fail to cure a number of serious diseases whereas we have seen and heard of so many cases wherein yogis have cured diseases merely by casting a glance, or through their benign blessings.

            You may not become an accomplished Yogi by achieving complete sublimation, but you can of course learn and practice the following simple techniques to conserve your vital energy.

FIRST Technique for Self-restraint:

Power of Self Restraint
            When the sexual- system of thee body is stimulated, ejaculation of semen takes place. The following method checks this undesired stimulation quite effectively.

            Whenever a sexual desire arises in the mind and your attention moves towards the genitals in towards the belly just like the piston of a pump while focusing your attention on the genital organ. This is called YONI MUDRA.

            Then shut your eyes, Meditate, ‘Now I am looking from the base of the sexual centre up towards the sahasrara chakra. ‘Seminal energy has the tendency to flow towards the point(organ) where the mind is focused if you focus the mind on the sahasrara chakra, the bioelectric energy which would have otherwise been instrumental in causing ejaculation by activating the mooladhara chakra, will be sublimated to-wards the sahasrara chakra and transmuted into ojas (Aura). But beware! If the mind still desires sexual pleasure during this experiment, then you will not succeed in preserving your seminal energy. But if you practice this for a few days with discrimination and a strong will, you will begin to get the rewards before long. You will clearly experience that even though the sexual desire came with the force of a storm, it subsided within a few seconds once this technique was applied.

SECOND Technique Self-restraint
Divine Spiritual Power
            Whenever strong sexual desire arises, apply moolabandha and uddiyanabandha, and then exhale all the air from your lungs and hold the breath out. The more you can exhale the better. By repeating this technique two to three times, your passion will subside and you will be saved from an impending seminal discharge.

            Although this technique appears to be simple, it is a very important Yogic manoeuvre. The air inhaled in the process of normal breathing pushes the bio-electric energy downwards. When this air is forcefully exhaled, it fails to activate the sexual centre at the mooladhara chakra. Moreover, the subsequent contraction of the belly and the navel creates a vacuum in the stomach, and the energy accumulated around the sex-centre rushes towards thee navel to fill this vacuum. Thus there is no more energy left to activate the sexual centre and rushes towards the navel to fill this vacuum. Thus there is no more energy left to activate the sexual centre and thereby ejaculation is prevented.

            This technique can be practiced at any place and requires no extra expenditure. Moreover, it can also be practiced regularly even if there is no sexual stimulation. It provides excellent benefits. The digestive fire is stimulated, abdominal disorders are cured, life becomes effulgent and the seminal energy is naturally preserved.

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