Death and Reincarnation

The Death pains spare the one initiated into MANTRA DIKSHA/Science

Meditation Method
Those who take support of the divine name and have the satsang of his darling saints in their lives, reap more benefits than those who follow dictates of their minds

            Queen Elizabeth was taking her meal. Suddenly she suffered a heart attack. The doctors declared, “You will not be able to live for more than five minutes.”

            She pleaded, “Take all the imperial wealth I posses but extend my life for at least an hour that I can some important works.

Final Destination
Funeral Ground
            But doctors cannot put off the hour of death by any means, The poor queen died.
            An American millionaire, Andrew Carnegie, used to boast, ‘When death comes, I will tell it to wait outside till complete my work. ‘He died while traveling by car. His body had to be taken out of the car.

            Ordinary man suffers from four types of afflictions at the time of death. One of them is physical pain. People die in pain. It may be pain of heart attack, old age or some other. Guru teaches the sadhaka  technique of getting over physical pain. The Guru tells him, ‘The pain is in the body; it should not enter you. The diseases and affliction affect the body, not you; the sorrow affects the mind, not you.’ The Guru starts giving such spiritual knowledge from the very beginning. The sadhakas who don’t consider the pain of thee body as their pain attain to higher states (after death). But the one, who believes oneself to be in pain at the time of death, dies a painful death.

            One dying in pain or becoming a ghost after death is haunted by the pain. The ghost writhes in the same way in the body it possesses as it did while leaving the previous body. What is in the mind at the time of death determines the path one takes thereafter.  So saint take care that there should be good thoughts in their disciples’ minds so that they should be free from pain and affliction at the time of death.

Final Destination
            Secondly, if you have ill-treated somebody or have oppressed somebody, your conscience bites you at the time of death. If you have tormented somebody, seek forgiveness of him otherwise that act will afflict you at the time of death. Aurangzeb died in great pain because he had killed his brothers and a Fakir named Sarmad. Such heinous sins torment the soul and cause excruciating pain at the time of death.

            The third affliction is caused by separation from loved ones. One is compelled to leave behind possessions with which one is deeply attached. One would be preoccupied with things like cash, bank balance, fixed deposits, marriage of sons, daughters with whom the mind is attached. King Bhaarata was a great ruler this entire Indian subcontinent. He was so great that the country was known as Bhaarata after his name. Bharata thoughts of a deer at the time of death and became a deer in the next life.

            The fourth affliction is caused by uncertainty about the afterlife. Everybody suffers from these four afflictions at the time of death but sadhakas were saved from them because they have self-knowledge, technique of meditation and Gurus Mantras. Their Self-force, power of intellect and will power are strengthened by jap of the Guru-mantra. We can not count the benefits from Guru-Mantras.

                        “Lord Sadashiv Says, To the person who has always Guru Mantra on his tongue, all acts become fruitful, otherwise not. By the power of initiation one attains success in all karmas (acts) and particularly in the case of a Guru-Putraka (disciple). He derives spiritual and supernatural benefits, who has always Guru mantra on his tongue. One without a Guru is fool. One without a Guru is considered to be wretched according to scriptures. It is said:

            -‘O sensible and clever ones! Don’t be without a Guru.
            -Such a one is vagabond; keeps wandering from womb to womb.
            -He is condemned to hell.  Don’t be without a Guru.
            -What use is counting beads?
            -His mind is wandering all around.
            -He becomes the guest of the god of death.
            -Your body is like a precious gem; you wasted your life without devotion to
            -How will you be delivered? Don’t be without Guru.
            -Such a one lacks all insight; he is mired in the worldly business.
-Never be proud of anything, Don’t be without a Guru.
-O sensible and clever ones! Don’t be without a Guru.

Diksha Required to choose the right path

            Lord Shiva took his consort Parvati (nature) to Vamadeva for Mantra initiation. Well, who can equal Lord Shiva in wisdom? So, great is Lord Shiva; yet He took Parvati (nature), the mother of the world to Vamadeva for Mantra initiation. Mother Kali appeared before Gadadhar, the priest of the temple at Dakshineshwar, Kolakata, and said, ‘You take Guru-Diksha from Totapuri Maharaj’.

            Gadadhar said, “Mother! You yourself appear before me. Why then should I Need Diksha?”
Tantrik God Temple in Funeral Ground
Temple of Mahakaal, Bhairva and Maha Kali
            Mother Kali said, “The intensity of your bhava makes me appear. You have my darshan in the temple. Arjuna had Lord Krishna by his side always. Yet Arjuna needed him as a Guru.”

            The priest Gadadhar took Guru-Diksha from Totapuri ji maharaj. It is then he realized that his real self was thee same as that of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and Mother Kali. And It is then he became Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Narendra into Swami Vivekananda, Asumal into Asharam Bapu. Lord Vitthal used to appear in person before Namdev. The Lord Said to him, “Go and take Diska from Visoba Khechar.”

            “Lord!Even thoughj I have your darshan …”

Human Karma and Reincarnation Theory
            “Even I surrender myself to the Guru when I come to the earth. I went to Sandipani when I incarnated as Lord Krishna and to Vasishtha ji when I incarnated as Lord Rama. Are you superior to them?

            Diskha destroys our attachment and aversion and makes us one with the lord. Had Mothjer Kali not appeared before Gadadhar to advise him to take Diksha from the Guru,  he would have continued to be Gadadhar ;  he would not have become Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. Had Lord Vitthal not appeared before Namdeva to advise him to take Diksha  from thee Guru, he would have continued to be a devotee given to emotionalism. So it is essential to have Mantra initiation to get right direction in the life.

Human Karma and Reincarnation Theory

Human Karma and Reincarnation Theory
God gives us full authority and power to do work; either we do the good works or sinful works. If we simply do the correct and good works for all living beings then definitely we will get good and bright future, in simple words we will get whatever we will do, and this is in our hand what type of future we want good or bad. If will do the sinful act then definitely it will destroy our lives.

            The concept of karma/work is properly explained in our holy books. Karmas can be defined as an “act” or “deed” where the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction in which we believe govern consciousness mean god consciousness. The Vedas (the holy books) have stated that if a person sows good acts, they will reap goodness. If a person does evil acts, they will reap evil

Act Types (Types of Karma):

Our scriptures have divided acts into following parts. These are:
Human Karma and Reincarnation Theory Accumulated acts ( Sanchita Karma) – This is the sanchita karma of our whole life time. These are our total collected karmas of our whole life mean the sum of total of past karma. These karmas has yet to be faced.
Fruit-bearing acts (Prarabdha Karma) -  The good or bad result of our sanchita karma, these are totally connected to our sanchita karma or we can say these type of karma are the fruit bearing karma of sanchita karma which we have to faced and never can be ignored or rejected.
Present acts (Kriyamana Karma) – The acts or karma which generating due to our present life acts are called kriyamana karma’s. these karmas became the sanchita karma later on.

Fully Independency to do the karma but dependent on his past karma to bear their good/bad effects: God gives this ability to only human beings so that they can do sadhana/practice and break the circle of these karmas and the cycle of birth and death. Because the main reason of the death and births are KARMAS. All types of sadhanas are performed only to remove these types of karmas.

Both types of karmas (good and sinful) collected in whole life, goes with our soul when our death comes. We do the religious work or sadhana to reduce the effect of our negative or sinful acts. So that in next coming lives, we can live happily without the pressure of our sinful acts and take enjoy or our good acts fruits.

Reincarnation Theory:

Ant mati so gati
Same things (Karmas) are the responsible for reincarnation. Actually both types of the karmas (good or sinful) are the responsible for reincarnation. Our soul adopts newly born body to enjoy the good acts or to resolved the sinful acts effects. If any of them have with our soul then we have to reborn in this world again to continue our non stop journey. The family, time, place, social society and culture where the reincarnation takes place is decided by the individual soul.

Ant mati so gati (Thinking at the time of Death): This is the main and actual theory. At the last moment of life when a person is going to death, his thinking play the important role in his death. Mean if a person is thinking about his pet cat during his death then definitely he will born as little kitten and if person is thinking about the God then definitely he will got the God or moksh during his death, The param lakshya or the final destination of soul.

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