Devotees Experience

Benifits to Devotees with Provided Sadhna/Practices by Master

Mantra materialized with firm faith --   Master Blessing

Devotees Experience
            I was seriously ill from 1992 to 1998. My body weight was reduced to 25 kg. I consulted and was treated by many specialists. Though I spent 8,00,000 rupees, the doctors could not cure me. They declared my illness incurable. I was bed-ridden for six years. There was no hope for me to get cured by any means. At that time, Bapuji’s sadhaka gave me spiritual literature of Bapuji. I read it lying in bed. One day I broke into tears while reading a book. I prayed heartily to Bapuji, “Gurudev, save me, you are the only saviour.” That night supremely compassionate Bapuji appeared in my dream. I prostrated myself before him. He said, “Why do you fear? Stand up”

            After four days, I went to circumambulate the miraculous tree, the Bara Dada in Bhopal Ashram. I took some earth from the tree as Prasad. After 9 months, my body weight increased to 60 kg. I perfectly healthy now due to Bapuji’s grace. I got 200 persons take Mantra Diksha from my Gurudeva. At present I register new members of ‘Rishi Prasad’ and distribute Rishi Prasad free to charge in schools. I resolve to do the service of ‘Rishi Prasad’ till my last breath. Having received Mantra Dikhsa and teachings on karma yoga from Bapuji, I have been lead from death to immortality

            I offer many salutations at the gfeet of such a giver of new life, Pujya Gurudeva.
            - Mathuralal Naagar, Rajgarh (U.P.) Indian
              Mob. : 7898441880

Recovery from fatal illness

Devotees Experience
            In February 2011, suffering from jaundice caused by hepatitis B, and typhoid I was hospitalized for seven days. Doctors discharged me and advised to take medicines regularly but jaundice was increasing day by day.

            On 18th March 2011, my illness worsened but I continued the japa of my Gurumantra. I was continued to Bapuji, “O Sadgurudev, you are my mother, you are my father, you are my God, protector, please save me.”

            Bapu ji accepted my prayer. He appeared in my dream. He applied a bandage around my head, and caressed me affectionately. He said, “Don’t worry. You will recover completely within one month. “Some inevitable part of my past karma was exhausted within one month. Then my health improved gradually.

            On 8th August 2011, the blood test report showed that I had completely recovered from jaundice and hepatitis B. Now I am well. Saving my life from the fatal disease, Pujya Bapuji has given me a new life. I offer many salutations at the feet of Pujya Gurudev.

-          Ambarish Tiwari
-          Nalkhera (M.P.) , India Mob. : 09669902860

Latest Experience of a devotee

Neeta dhawan! Indian
Her 1.5 year old daughter saved by Bapu Ji from Electricity current. Her 1.5 year old daughter was in electricity current for 5 five minutes. She was almost died but Bapuji come in disappear form and saved her life.
Very Amazing…….. Just watch the video

- Neeta Dhawan, India

Master worship infinitely beneficial

Devotees Experience
When we worship an idol, we are benefited according to our feelings. Materials of worship and our faith benefit us. We are benefited by the fragrance of bilvapatra, flowers, sandalwood, etc. and our faith blesses us with virtues. But the idol doesn't speak anything and doesn't wish for blessedness. The Guru showers his grace through his will, glance, and speech. The air touching his body also transmits spiritual energy, divine love and virtues to us. Therefore the worship of a Sadguru is infinitely beneficial. 

Devotees Privilege - There is no saviour like Satguru

Devotees Experience
            In the morning of 29-8-2010, I was going to Sirohi (Rajasthan) by car with my younger brother. Just while passing near the Mallava crossroads, I saw a jeep rushing from the front, out of the driver’s control, teeming with tribal men, to collide with my car, There was a divider on my other side. The death was at a moment’s distance from me. At last I look at a sticker of Pujya Bapuji pasted on the glass of the car and prayed him for help with distressed heart. At that very moment a brilliant yellow light was reflected on the entire glass. The jeep collided with my car and turned upside down moving a mall distance. The collision was so dangerous that we two brothers could not have survived. The car was completely damaged but such was Pujya Bapuji’s grace that I got only minor injuries while my brother was completely safe. As soon as we came out of the car the tribal men surrounded us in order to beat us. In the meantime with Bapuji’s inspiration two men on a motorbike returned to place of accident after going a little ahead. They calmed own the tribal men and help us reach a secure place. It is simply beyond words to describe the glory of the self-ealized  Pujya shree. Bapuji is an ocean of compassion and mercy. To describe his greatness is to show a lamp to sun. The sadhaks of bapuji always remain protected and cheerful and their all big troubles are transformed in to petty ones and are allayed.

--Dr. Bhupesh Kumar, Senior Specialist, (Surgery), Raj. Housing board, Sirohi, Raj.) India.

        Devotees Privilege : He shows his Unique and Wonderful Grace on Devotees

Devotees Experience
            In 1982, I used to regularly consume alcohol, cigarettes, paan etc. I did not believe in God but my wife used to listen to Pujya Bapuji’s satsangs and would also perform worship. I used to work in Punjab National Bank. When I gave an exam for the position of any Officer, my wife asked Bapuji for a wish and I became an Officer.,

            By Guru’s grace, I suddenly felt hatred for my bad habits. Pujya Bapuji’s satsangs was being held on 19, March 2008 in Delhi. On my wife’s request I reached the satsang with my family. There was a big crowd there. We were standing at the back of the pavilion and listening to the satsang. We were not even able to get proper darshan of Bapuji but the mere listening to the words of goodwill emanating from Bapuji made us experience infinite peace and bliss. I took mantra deeksha (mantra – initiation by a self realized master) along with my family and since then I do regular japa of the Guru mantra. In 2008, I appeared for the exam for getting promoted to the post of a Manager. One day Bapuji appeared in my dream and said that I have passed the examination and have got a posting in Ahmedabad. But according to the results of the examination, I had failed the exam. In the evening, I was crying and rebuking in front of Bapuji’s picture. Then a voice from within said ‘You have passed.’ On 1/11/2008 I received a letter saying that I have passed and have got a posting in the Ahmedabad Circle. Since then In hold a Manager’s Post in Palanpur. Guru’s Grace has changed my life itself! Crores and Crores of salutations offered at the feet of my Sadgurudev.

-        Raghubir Singh, Manager, P.N.B., Palanpur (Guj.), India
-        Mobile : 9978885414

Showered with Successes

Devotees Experience
I have been initiated in Saraswatya Mantra by Pujya Bapu ji and I do japa of the mantra regularly. As a result I secure the 113th position in the IAS examination.

Earlier I had been the topper in B.Com. Examination in the whole of the University. I stood first amongst thee 4 lakhs candidates competing in the exam for the Central Bureau of Investigation conducted by the Home Ministry Govt. of India. I had also secured 12th rank in the State Bank of India Probationary Officer’ test.

All this is the grace of my master maiden ‘Maya’, which becomes naturally propitious by the effect of Mantra-diksha received from the Pujya shree. I pray to master to bestow his own grace so that I should now start my spiritual journey to attain Supreme Self..

            -Kunal Agarwal, Additional S.P. South 24 Paraganas Kolkata
(West Bengal) India

Effortless De-addiction 

In the past few years, I had picked up the bad habit of chewing tobacco. I tried getting rid of it many a times but to no avail. One day I bought a register from the ashram book-stall to keep the books of accounts. On the cover of the register a message from Pujysshree for young people like me to abstain from chewing tobacco was printed. The harms of tobacco chewing were also highlighted therein. I read it over and over again.

God is my witness! I know not how I came to forego this habit of mine! I was myself surprised at this turn of events. I was extricated from such addiction instantly which I had been struggling to give up for years.

- Abdul Naeem Khan, Pipariya, Distt. Hoshangabad (M.P.) India

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