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An Extra ordinary swami ji (Swami Asaram ji Bapu, The disciple of Swami Lilashah ji) shows the Miracle of Mantra Science. His Aura shows the Miracle depending on aura power..

Meditation Master


Jai Ram Ji Ki

Swami Lila ram ji maharaj born in village named MEHJRAB CHANDNI, Tanda Baga in Hydrabad Sindh, in March 1880. His parents Shri Topandas totaram and Shrimati Hemibai Swami’s  named him “Lilaram”.  When he was 10 uyear old, His parents left him alone and went to heaven. Shri Lakhumal, his nephew become his guardian. Lakhuram wanted to became him businessman but lila ram ji has different thinking. He left the business and took Vairagya (detachment from all thing). He started his journey for finding the truth of life and loved to live with the saints/sadhu. Then he became aspirant of famous vedant achrya “Swami Keshavram, Tanda Mahad Khan”. His master realised him that he was in the latest stage of Spiritual Path.

           Miracle performed by Swami JI : Once there was a dispute among the Hindu’s and Muslims on the land. After a long time of court case, the court was unable to decide any thing. Both group were decided that both will call their sanits or fakirs and who will be the powerful and show some special miracle then this land will belong to that group. Then both called their saints/fakir, Mislim group called multiple fakirs and they started their mantra japa to show the some special Miracle, Hindu called their only one fakir called Lila ram ji, Lila ram ji sit simply as they do not know what is happening. Lila ram ji was enjoying his internal deep meditation. He was visible there but in actual he was sitting in the lap of GOD. After all efforts of Muslim Group when Hindu’s term come. Hindu party pray to Lila ram ji to show his miracle they put their heart in his feet. Lilaram ji blessed them. Lila Ram ji didn’t stand but just moved up his head and order to tree (Neem Tree) which was the boundary of land, that ‘O Neem Ka pad’, ‘O Neem Tree’ don’t stand here, Go there and stand there, Tree obey his command and moved like srrrrr and stand in the one side  where it ordered. All Muslim and Hindu parties were surprised because this type of miracle they show first time in their life. Both announce at once He is not only the hindu’s fakir, He is also the muslim fakir and today onwards his name is ‘LilaShah ji’ instead of ‘Lilaram ji’. Both parties were satisfied and happy

            This is the true power of a Saint, A Saint is that who can play with god, chat with god and also complaint to god. And God has to accept his all activity happily without any pressure.

            Swami Ji did multiple miracles in his daily life, his multiple disciples take lot of advantage to their Sadguru’s divine knowledge. In currently a Famous disciple of Lilaram ji maharaj has also a same power and divine knowledge like his Guru. His name is ‘Swami Asaram Ji Bapu’.

            Swami believes in simple living and high thinking. He takes food only once in a day. Even at the age of 94, he was so physically fit and his body was quite free from an y type of disease.

            Swami ji embedded in GOD on 4th Nov. 1973, At the age of 94 years at Palanpur.  His devotees made his Samadhi at ‘Adipur – kutch’. His devotees celebrate this occasion as holding a 3 days mela at ‘Adipur – kutch’.

His Prayer to God – He Bhagwan Ham Sabko sadbudhi do, Shakti do, Arogyata do, hum sab apna kartya palan ker saka, sukhi rahen’.

Jai Ram Ji ki bolna padega...

Other Powerful Former Spiritual Masters 

BRAHMA GIYANI YOGI RAJ SWAMI ASARAM JI MAHARAJ – Disciple of Swami Lilashah ji maharaj

Meditation Master
Born : Swami ji born as Asumal Sirumalani (Asaramji Bapu) at Berani village of the Nawabshah district at Sindh (Now in Pakistan) on April 17, 1941. Mr. Thaumal Sirumalani and Mrs. Menhgiba was his parents.

            Since his young age Asumal have deep interest in meditation and spirituality,  he was taught basic lessons of spirituality and meditation by Menhgiba (respectable mother). He finally left the house with his family and travels the country to find out the truth of life. He traveled so much but at last when he went to Vrindavan (the land of Lord Krishna), There he inspired to go the ashram of the Lilashah ji maharaj. There Asumal had to wait for the 40 days in Lilashah ji maharaj’s ashram to get a glimpse fo the master.
He stayed there and served his master with full devotion. Swami Lilashah ji test Asumal with multiple hardships for next 30 days and then blessed the Asumal. Then Lilashah ji maharaj asked him to go back at home and do his spiritual practice there at home.

            But Asumal didn’t reach at home; he stayed in between the way to home. He practice there and started the ‘Anusthaan’ of 40 days. His mother and wife came there to call him at home but Asumal refused and said that until his Anusthan will not complete, he can not go any where. At the Anusthaan end, Asumal run towards his Master as he has reached to near the target of self realization. His Guru (Lilashah ji) became very pleased to see his spiritual situation. He blessed him, his all power and spirituality, since then Asumal converted into Swami Asaram ji Bapu.

            Sawami ji also do so many miracles in his spiritual life. One of them he provides the life to a Dead Cow. This was his first spiritual miracle.

Swami Asaram ji Bapu shows his latest divine and spiritual miracle in Godhara Science College – Aug 28, 2012.
There were total 6 passengers in chopper, Swami ji, pilot and 4 other passengers. Chopper crashed and fallen down from almost 30 foots and broken into 3 parts. Front parts crashed into pieces. It was really a miracle that all five including Swami Ji narrow escaped safely. They all were completely safe and not even this, after few minutes Swami ji addressed all devotees with a huge smile on face and explained the whole accident and told them how he escaped from this dangerous accident. He explained that this is the power of chanting the Guru’s (Lilashah ji) Mantra, Due to this God grace him security.

Swami Asaram ji Bapu has very high spiritual aura, This aura shows his spiritual deepness. The saints who has this type of spiritual aura is only the true God's saints, where we can surrender to achieve the spiritual heights and Actual God.

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