Supernatural Power - Pitra

Supernatural Power - Pitru / Pitra

Mostly peoples have the questions about Pitru like Who is Pitru? What is Pitru Dosh ? What Pitru do ? Why are they worshiped ? There are multiple explanations given by several priests or any other babas but still clarity is in doubt. To reveal the truth today i am sharing the real information which will clear all the doubts about Pitru and Pitru Dosh. Hope this will also benefit you in definitely

What is Pitra OR Meaning of "Pitru" :

Supernatural Power - Pitra
Supernatural Power - Pitra
"Pitru" is referred to our ancestors or family members who have dead. As per our scriptures Pitru are similar to God “Markanday Puraan”, but if we make Pitru happy then it is not hard to make God happy. Pitru are as great as and equivalent to God. Pitru are very strong and trust in give and take rule. If the Pitru are happy then there must be problem free life but if they are not happy then life is full of difficulties, issues and problems. This is applicable only in the case if Pitru in a family exists. It is not necessary that every family have Pitru. Pitru is a milestone and God is the ultimate destination. So before starting of any "Shubh Karya" or Good work it is necessary to worship them. In case if Pitra did not worshiped or provided with the stuff then that is dedicated to God then that work will never be completed fruitfully. It has been seen in various cases that "Pitru" enter in body of any of the family member and show their anger/wish by saying in local language "Mein Taal Diya" which means “you unnoticed me”. Later on after regret and worshiping they blessthe family and then their work completed successfully.

Who become "Pitru" ?

There are many tradition about Pitru and various peoples don't even know about Pitru. Coming to the point now all those family member who die unnatural “Akaal Miritu” i.e. in accident, by disease or died with some wish unfulfilled become Pitru. It is not compulsory that all become Pitru but most of them surely are. Pitru is a "Yoni” mean “a separate world”. Every family has its own specific Pitru and only those family members can worship them for successfull results. After death if the died person soul goes in Pitru Yoni that means he needs to be worshiped for next 7 lifetimes. Pitru does not go in heaven or hell they have their own world and they always associated with their family till the dynasty exists(End of this world). There are many cases in which people die unexpectedly but they don't become Pitru, this is because they don't want any kind of continue from their family after death and melt them self in God.

Types of "Pitru":

There are fundamentally two type cataloging of "Pitru::

A) Aadi Pitru:These are those who have the responsibility to arrange the world of Pitru world. When on earth normal pitru worshipped then their part are reached to them by the help of Aadi pitru. They never related to any family. They are the free from all relations and very very powerful. They have capability to do all abnormal and paranormal works easily. They believe in God and doesn't mind if they are worshiped or not. God has the direct powers to work for that one. These Pitru are takes part into "Bhajans" and "Satsang" and after spending some time in "Pitru Yoni" they melted into God.

B) Normal Pitru: These are those who are died but still have attachment with their family emotionally. These pitru want the same respect as they are getting before death. They became very angry , although they don't harm the family very much but just creates the problems like money, disease or illness keeps on coming. They want their bhog and respect on time. They are very effective in giving results and once happy can get you fastest results. Even impossible work for them is not hard. They can change the human luck even.

Powers of "Pitru":

1) Pitru are the God of family and important part of family even after death..
2) Pitru can save us from many unexpected problems and accidents where life can lost.
3) Pitru can create environment positive and energetic to get success in work
4) Pitru provides peace and prosperity.
There are more powers which are not describable related to Pitru.

Disadvantages When "Pitru" will not be worshipped -

1. Unhappy Pitru will lead to unsuccessful, unmerciful life.
2. Loss in business and increased the family tensions.
3. Small kids remained ill mostly.
4. Lack of money and fails of assignments.

There are many more issues which created when Pitru unhappy.

No matter that a person worship God how much but if he has Pitru and family doesn't worship that Pitru then even the God will be not in a state to do any help. This is because God has given the Pitru equivalent status.

If Pitru's are the formers then why they provide problems in their off springs after death?:

This common question is very hot that if Pitru are our family former members and was loved by us and vice versa, then why after death they create issues in life with their living family members? The answer is that every one on this earth wants respect and timely bhog. If these two things are there on time then one becomes happy and work more efficiently. Same theory is applicable on Pitru also. As "Pitru" is a "Yoni" just like us. The way we deserve respect and food on time the same way Pitru also want the same things with their family members. Although they are not alive but they want their respectl on time. They live like we live but the only difference is the World. We live on this lok and they in "Pitru Lok". If  Pitru are happy then related family will be surely happy.

What is "Pitru Bhog"?

The food which is offered in the respect of "Pitru" is known as "Pitru Bhog". They generally accept sweets happily especially Halwa and "Kheer"(Rice Boiled in Milk with Sugar) a traditional Indian Sweet Dishes.

How "Pitru Bhog" Offered?

One needs to burn a piece of dry cow dung and make it red with fire and then take it to place where they want to offered them their stuff. Now put the burned red cow dung on required place and then take ‘Ganga Jal’ (Water of Ganga River) in hand and pour around that place. This act will change the place into Holy and then some "Halwa or Kheer" need to poured over the burned red cow dung and simultaneously pour the ghee (Butter) Then all family members should remember the "Pitru" by his name and should say that please accept your food and bless us.

When the "Pitru Bhog" has been offered?

This should given once in a month on "Amawas" or "Amawasya" Night or "Full Black Night" without moon in English .Pitru accept their Part only once in a month and then remained happy whole month.

Identification of "Pitru":

Many people say that we think we have Pitru but we are not sure and we would like to know them.The solution to this is very simple.There are commonly three ways to identify the Pitru:

i. Do the path (Read) of 11th Chapter of "Shri MadBhagvat Gita" and then with in 2-3 days the Pitru will appear in the dream. And Then you need to start worshiping them.

ii. While sleeping take bath or just wash hands and legs and then remember God and pray that "My Pitru please appear in dream and make me aware about you as i am not able to recognize you" They may come in any form like snake or in any other form. The only problem is that they will not open their identity, you need to recognized them or you can consult already expert of this field for more details.

iii. This is the most effective technique to know their existence. Any doubtful work where you are not sure that it will complete of not then assign it to Pitru and prayed them that if you really exist then make this work fruitful and when it happens then i will start to worship you with my family and then all we will accept your presence. If Pitru is there I your family then definitely work positive complete and then you can identify them.

What is "Pitru Dosh"?

Those families who have Pitru but they don't worship and believe in them automatically become the victim of "Pitru Dosh"..

"Pitruon Ki Patdi or Yantram":  

Pitru YantramSimilar to all God , Pitru have also their own special "Instrument" or "Yantra"  which is known as "Pitruon Ki Patdi". This is very powerful and helpful. This Yantra shows the quick positive results and generally those people use it who couldn't identify their Pitru for some time and during that time their Pitru were upset.  {Image}

Pitru are very kind and easily can be making happy. They just need respect, care and on time. If dedicated and worshiped properly with full respect then nothing is impossible in life and success will always in hand.

Kind of Tarpan :

6 types of Tarpans are –

i.  Manushyapitrutarpan
ii.  Yamtarpan
iii.  Divyapitrutarpan
iv. Divyamanavtarpan
v.  Rishitarpan
vi.  Devtarpan

Required Mantra need to chant at the time of tarpan is-

Om ye bandhava abandhva va yenya janmani bandhva ,Te sarve triptimayantu maddattenambuna swadha ||

That’s all for Pitru today, if someone have any doubt even now, Then feel free to contact me: 

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