Towards God

Ishwer ki oor
Towards God

ishwer ki or

[1982 March, the 2nd day of bright fortnight of Chaitra(around March) and the ‘Chetichand Shivir’ meditation camp was in progress at Amdadad Ashram. Early morning, the devotees, both men and women, were engaged in meditation in the affectionate and pious company of Pujya Shree. Pujya Shree was guiding them, through meditation, to the deeper planes of life and death….helping them experience the esoteric secrets of the life. The devotees were diving deep within their own True Self, riding the thread of profound, serene and affectionate words of Pujya Shree.] Pujya shree was saying.

इिन्न्दर्दर्याथेर्षेर्षुवरैरै ाग्ग्यमनहंकार एव च।

जन्न्ममत्त्ृयजुजु राव्व्यािधदःुखदोषानदुदु शनर्नर् म।्।

‘Detachment towards the illusion objects together with independence from egotism and constant contemplation upon the impediments of the Final Goal, i.e. the miseries of Birth,

Death, Old-age and Diseases.’

(The Bhagvatgita : 13.8)

Till Today you have groomed and kindered in many a family in each of your innumerable births. Every time, a blow of death deprived you of all your kith and kin. Therefore it is initial time to you to get rid of the attachment towards your family.

ishwer ki or
If you have a wish for prestige, if you liked the body to be respected, this will surely be a big difficulty on your spiritual path. Throw away all these attachment which you havetowards your body. Became like innocent child. You have been taking good care ofthis body for a long time. You have been giving it a bath, feeding it, taking it on excursions;but-but this body kept complaining and complaining. It always complained of ailments, of insomnia, of joint pains, of headache, of indigestion and so on. You have already had enough ofservility towards your body. Now just look toward the end of the body’s journey in this world.
How long will you treat this body as ‘I’, dear friends! With a firm heart and cool mind, visualize that your body going towards the end. It sits on a chair. Now it is lookingat the wonderful beauty of the sea. Suddenly you got a stroke, which proves to be fatal for you.Your head hanged down. You are dead now…Or at home , you had headache, astomach-ache, or a fever. And you dead. Or visualize, you went to stupor whileengaged in writing something. Your heart got fail. And you are dead now. Or visualize, youwere engaged in ‘worship’. Suddenly, you lost balance and lay down on theground. You called your friends or your wife or other family members. They all comeand asked, ‘what happened ?…what happened?’ In a matter of few minutes you passedaway… Or visualize you were walking in the street. Suddenly there was amishap take place. And you died. Definitely, your death must come in some guise or the other.You will not even know. Therefore, rehearse your last journey before you are forcedto undertake one of above mentioned or any other; experience about the death before it actually comes; visualize your final travelling.

Annihilation before death throw you into oblivion. Makes firm resolve to break this
sense of identification with this big immortal body, which you preserve treating name and
the form as ‘Me’. This is a final hurdle in scaling the ultimate height in Practice/sadhana. You
must get past the attachment with this immortal body. So long as you cherish your immortal body, your actions/Karmas will continue to bind you. So long as attachment to this immortal body is there, you will not be able to get rid of its problems. No matter howsoever ir is hard to you to try this, but so long as the attachment with the body remains, the Divine song of the God will not resonate within you. So long as you will consider yourself a bag of bones, flesh , skin,
blood, urine and stool, self realization will remain a distant dream. The cycle of birth and death is the biggest misfortune for all. Even if one is born with all the riches around, then what? Every one has got to suffer the tyranny of life. Pray to the God, honestly and from the core of your heart, ‘O God! O the Supreme Power! I have taken refuge into you. You are the omnipotent. Now grant me the Power: grant me the determination to realize the ultimate goal of include in yourself, I have set my foot into this journey. O my God! Grant me the power to get rid of this
attachment to the body and merge my heart with You.’

You must have had, in your previous births, a number of parents, a number of other
known/ unknown persons. So many more must have preceded these parents and relatives in your previous births to them and even those others must have preceded by still some others.
Deeper attachment towards this body, heavier will be the burden of these relationships. Make Lesser and more lesser the attachment, lighter will be the burden. Once you will stop identifying
yourself with this body from within, then external attachments will not be able to disturb you. Once you get rid of the attachment of this body from inside, the external attachments will became a child’s play for you. The songs of absolute independence will emanate from your life.

The liberated ones live among these masses and perform all their urgent duties; yet they lives
happily, eat and drink happily, come and go happily, happily do they dwell inside their True Self.

Simply overcome the body attachment. Once you stop identifying yourself with this body,
the attachment too disappears automatically. To get rid of identification of Self with this body, lets make a trip to the cremation ground. Assume that you are dying while still living. Don’t be
afraid! Beckon death today, ‘O death! Come to this immortal body. Just now’

Imagine that death is descending upon your immortal body today. Your body becomes lifeless now. Due to some reason the life force leaves your immortal body. Your corpse is lying there in one side. The one, who had a name and was addressed, as john, marry, ‘bhai, seth or sahib is no more. Now he/she is lying dead as corpse in the eyes of the all people. The Ayurvedic vaidyas and the doctors have admitted defeat. The immortal body, you always took great care to nurture, whose prestige was your prime concern, is lying dead in front of you. You are watching it. A horde of people has gathered. Some are shedding true tears and some crocodile tears But You are no more. The corpse is lying. People have gathered around your body.

Cohorts and loved ones all have arrived. Phone calls are being made to all important places, telegrams are being sent on all required addresses. All that is required to be done in case of a true death is being duly performed properly.

This was the last attachment, that of the immortal body. Without overcoming it, no yogi/Bhakt can be accomplished, no sadhak can do a perfect sadhana/sadhna, and neither can he attain the Lord’s grace. This is the last hurdle. Just need to Overcome it.

मैंैं अरुरु मोर तोर की माया|
बश कर दीन्न्हींजीवन काया||

‘I’ and ‘my’, ‘you’ and ‘your’ – this is the illusion that holds over the life.’

Your immortal body falls to death… it collapses-ed, death approaches, people chant, ‘Rama is the absolute truth’ or ' Ram naam saatya hai'. You are now dead body. People have gathered around. Bamboo sticks are being arranged for your body. People are taking you inside to give you last bath. People lifted you. Your neck hanging down. Hands and feet are going to astray. People are moving your body with full care. Your corpse is being given last bath in a big vessel. But…But where is that glitter now….? Where is that light now….? Where is that consciousness now….? The body that earned lots and lots of money, that enjoyed several types of delicious foods, that was adorned very much, that enjoyed so many different -2 sights, is just a corpse /finish today. It is not able to take a single breath. It cannot thank a friend. It is not able to pay obeisance to a Saint.

Today, this poor immortal body, the poor corpse, is leaving this illusive world. This immortal body that was burdened with multiple tensions, the life that was so strife ridden, what is the
state of that body today? The life, for which you had to commit multiple sins and put
up with all misery, is lying in such condition! Have a look at its condition with
your inner eyes. It is lying in a helpless state. Till a just while ago, it has full of
ego saying, ‘I’…..‘I’…, it was considered itself to be intellectual, intelligent and clever.
See this state, the clever one is now ended. Of what avail is its cleverness? All that was
known has become unknown. All its knowledge is reduced to naught in one go. All
relationships have been finished. All wealth and the family become unknown for always.

All those, for whom you kept awake for the whole nights, for whom you had toiled, are not
yours anymore! The ones, for whom you suffered pain and grief, are no more in any
way related to you. This is the state of your beloved immortal body…!! Your friends are giving you a bath. Without wiping your body properly, just giving a few careless touches of towel, clothes are put on you as a just formalities. Then your body is laid by them on the bamboo frame. This is the state that your body is no more now! This is the body is in now!

This is the immortal body, for which you earned so much wealth, learned multiple arts and
sciences, begged before so many people, accepted servitude to lead a depraved life,
persuaded and cajoled others; now that life force has finished it, it is lying on the
bamboo frame.

Experience death, in your lifetime. As it is, your body is already dead anyway. Is it
worth anything? The dead body lying on the bier is being tied with a piece of red/white cloths. The hanging neck is tucked in a bamboo. Feet are being securely tied with a rope to bamboo, lest the corpse should not fall down while it being taken to the cremation grounds. Rope is being tied around the neck also. The whole body is being tied. The one, who is tying the bier says, ‘pull the rope from that side’. The other one says, ‘I have done it, ‘now tie the knot.’
But for how long will this knot remain either? How long will the ropes last? They are
going to be burnt in a short while…. And dead body tied by the ropes too is going to
be incinerated, dear friend!

Shame on the illusion life….shame on the attachment to this immortal body….shame
on the folly of identifying oneself with the body and taking pride in its illusion qualities. The bier is being tied securely. So far your name figured in the lists of the rich men or officials. Now it has been included in the list of the expired. People say, ‘Tie the corpse quickly.’ They don’t say, Tie the rich man, official, clerk, servant, Saint or rogue; they will say, Tie the corpse.’
So,at last this is the end of all the achievements of your life. Whatever you earned in the whole
life is no longer remains with your. Whatever you had known is gone in one stroke of death and became unknown. Your income tax papers, your promotion and retirement, your achievements and failure all have finished forever. Alas O man your life! Alas O man your dreams! Alas O man your transience! Alas O man your desires! Till you breathed your last, you continued to nurture your cravings, ‘I have acquired this much, I will acquire this much more; I have known this much, I will know this much more, I have brought so many to many to my side, I will bring
so many more; I have reformed so may, I will reform so many more.’Hey! You save yourself from death first! Save yourself from the cycle of birth anddeath! Let me see, how strong you are! Let me see your cleverness!Your copse is being tied. You are one with the bier now.Preparations are underwayfor taking you to the cremation grounds. People are wailing. Four persons lift you
and take you out of the house. Others are following them.

Some people have come out of affection; some have come for the sake of formality.
Some come have come merely to discharge the so-called social obligation.

At last just think about the GOD and break the attachment towards this immortal body.

This is the first and Final step to achieve the God and his True love

do you know god love you, how god love us, Imagine that death is descending upon your immortal body today.

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