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Black Magic
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Tantrik is busy with his Black Magic Sadhna
Tantrik is busy with his Sadhna/Practice, He is calling the dead man soul 
with the help of his Mantra Power

Tantrik is busy with his Black Magic Sadhna

I attend many people daily who faced or afflicted to the black magic or Tantra. Most of cases people have some other problems related to any disease but in some cases, I found the actual effect of black magic. As per my experience and our scriptures, I am sharing some actual knowledge related to black magic or kala jadu and also providing some techniques to recognized the symptoms of black magic or kala jadoo and how if it there then how one can remedies it easily.

            What is Black Magic - Definition: Magic that involving the supposed invocation of evil spirits for evil purposesMeaning of Tantra (Kala Jadu Jadoo or Black Magic) : Tantra is a system. Here system is related to activities and rules according to nature.  Kald jadu is the kind of Energy which effect the human body like the other energy. Lord Shiva has created this Tantrik Vidya or science for the goodness of human But the real objective has been disappeared, due to unused of this science for a long time. This is also the way to receive the God’s Love.
Actually all humans available on this earth or any other planet have their different nature and God made several way to reach to him for the goodness of humanity. But now a day some selfish or greedy people are using this science to fulfill their personal needs, so this science became infamous today otherwise this is also a energy like other energy.

            Definition Tantrik ?
Tantrik is busy with his Black Magic Sadhna
            The person who works according to rules of Nature is called the tantrik. The rules of nature are provided in our Indian scriptures. The person who will live and act according to these rules will automatically get the multiple types of paranormal powers due to the grace of Lord Shiva. The person who tried to follow these rules are called Tantrik. Definitely those tantrik got the multiple types of paranormal powers like spiritual powers, supernatural powers, divine power etc but if they use these powers for their personal use instead of goodness of humanity then they lost these powers soon.

            Actually in this era, only 1 person out of 100,000 do this practice for the goodness of humanity otherwise all tantrik do this practice for their personal benefits that’s why this became infamous.

            Tantrik who do this practice sidh, Got the multiple paranormal powers. He can see the souls with his normal eyes. He can chat with them. He can do any paranormal work with their help mean he can take their help in any type of paranormal work. He can solve the complicated problems easily with their help. But if he use these power to fulfill his personal needs then this will effect the other negatively.

            How works the Tantrik?
Tantrik is busy with his Black Magic Sadhna
            Tantrik do very hard work as his practice. To see, chat and take work to any soul is not a easy work. There are two types of souls ( Evil souls and Gentle souls). They set the agreement with Gentle souls to complete their work mean they do definite mantra japa for them,  provide some sweets and worship then gentle souls complete his work happily. Remember gentle souls never do wrong or sinful work.

            Evil soul, Tantriks also takes help to evil souls in some works which gentle souls reject to complete and this thing mostly happen because when tantriks want to complete their personal needs or to earn money, then they forcefully completed their work by evil souls. They offer sweet, alcohol and flesh to them and if they want to became ill to any one or want to kill to some one, then they also provide related person cloth, hair or nails etc. This thing comes under negative use of tantra or called Kala jadu or black magic.

Note: They mostly call these souls on some specific occasions like, Amavasya(Dark night without moon) , Deepawali(festival), Dashara(festival), or Surya/Chandra Grahn (Sun/Moon Eclipse) because these souls became very creative and powerful on such type of occasions . So Black magic will effect mostly on above mentioned time duration.

Symptom of Kala Jadoo or Black Magic :

Tantrik is busy with his Black Magic Sadhna
  1. Victim never can see in any other person eyes, he will see here and there but never see in another person eye.
  2. Victim behavior became annoyed, irritable and aloof.
  3.  Nails color will became black.
  4. Shoulder and head pain will be remained continuously.
  5. Scent smell will found without any reason
  6. Effected person will not like to take bath
  7. Eyes will became red.
  8. Victim hungry will lost
  9. Unnatural movement in body parts like torning hairs poorly or torning wearer clothes etc.
  10. Plant of Tulsi will dry up completely and stop to grow at home
  11. His thinking never match with any other family member and always ready to fight with other family member

These major symptoms which I have declared above to understand easily the effects of black magic or kala jadu. If First five are available that mean the related person is surely effected with black magic or kala jadoo.

Remedies from Black magic or Kala jadu:

The remedies which I am going to sharing are very power full and strong, On one hand these are able to remove the power full effects of black magic or kala jadoo completely and the other hands kala jadu or black magic will go back and attack on creator tantrik…

Material used in Black Magic
Material Used in Tantra
Remedies : Just Make your habit to chant the God name ‘Ram’ daily in the early morning at 4 A. M. for 1 hour 30 minutes, due to any reason if you are not able to do this at 4 A.M then you can do this at your comfortable time but time duration will be 1.5 hours. This habit will create a powerful circle around you. This powerful circle will save you from all type of black magic / kala jadoo or any type of any other accident

This is Jap Yog, “Lord Krishna (God) says in Geeta: I and my all powers totally embedded in Japa.”

            So If you make your habits as mentioned above then all types of powerful black magics will fail in just your presence.

Note: God Name ‘Ram’ can be changed with any other name like ‘Hari Aum’ ,  Hare Krishna Hare Rama’ etc because god’s name is different but             GOD is one, but time and duration must be maintained. This name can be related to your ‘Kul dev/devi’ or any other mantra.

There are also multiple remedies for this, but all of these are not effected like this, Those work for a while and after some time their effect will finish automatically and kala jadu will effect the victim again.

Daily I met too many tantriks and Aghoris babas, and learn lot from them. I will also provide Tantrik Mantras for you for multiple purposes in this section.

Some real images are given below related to tantra:

Hindi Version:

Black Magician
Aghori Tantrik
Black Magician
Tantrik Sadhna/Practice
काला जादू नकारात्मक ऊर्जा का एक प्रकार है जो मानव शरीर में प्रवेश करती है और यह एक बाहरी शक्ति है जो मानव शरीर में प्रवेश करती है और मुद्दों के बनातi है लेकिन अंत में दोनों स्वीकार करते है मानव मन और भारतीय आध्यात्मिकता के प्रति Soul .As के समुचित कार्य प्रणाली बाधितएक ही stuff.It काला जादू के रूप में जाना जाता है क्योंकि यह ऊर्जा permission.Black जादू के बिना एक और व्यक्ति है न केवल एक व्यक्ति के जीवन लूट लेकिन यह भी एक व्यक्ति जो इस गतिविधि में शामिल है की जीवन पर एक बड़ा प्रभाव छोड़ता है फैलता है.यह भारतीय पौराणिक कथाओं के खिलाफ है और समर्थित नहीं किया गया है लेकिन व्यक्तिगत लाभ और जलन महसूस लोगों की वजह से इसे करते हैं और यह है कि वे दर्द में और अधिक कर रहे हैं

Aghori Tantrik eating a flesh of a  rotten  dead body
Aghori Tantrik eating a flesh of a  rotten  dead body

KAMAKHYA YONI TANTRA is very powerful and effective tantra, But succcess of this tantra is totally based on SELF - RESTRAINT.

Kamakhya Yoni Tantra
Kamakhya Yoni Tantra - Very Powerful Tantra

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गंगाजल में अमृत देखाई नहीं देता, सती का तेज देखाई नहीं देता, जति का सवरूप देखाई नहीं देता, पत्थर में भगवान् देखाई नहीं देता, ठीक उसी परकार शाबर मन्त्रों कि अदभूत शक्ति दिखाई नहीं देती। परन्तु प्रयोग कर और आज़मा कर देखिये - दुनिया को हिला कर रख दे ऐसी शक्ति इसमें समाई हुई है -

इस किताब कि विषेशताऐं निचे दी गई है : 

- मनचाहा प्यार पाएं बिना किसी रूकावट के
- अगर धन कि कमी है या अच्छी जॉब नहीं लग रही है तो आपके बुरे दिन ख़तम
- खोया प्यार वापिस पाएं बिना किसी रूकावट के
- - काले जादू , तांत्रिक समश्या, या भूत प्रेत से पीड़ित जरा आजमा कर देखें, कि कैसे तुरंत समाधान होता है
अचूक वशीकरण शाबर मंत्र और अन्य विभिन्न परकार के शक्तिशाली शाबर मंत्र। जो दैनिक प्रयोग में प्रतिदिन काम आते है. चाहे ऑफिस हो, घर हो, युद्ध हो या कोई भी समश्या हो?

100% समाधान तुरंत हाथों हाथ, एक पल कि भी देरी नहीं, बस क्लिक करें, और चौथे स्टेप पर अपने भाग्य को चमकाए अपने हाथों से 

शक्तिशाली सिद्ध शाबर मंत्र
शक्तिशाली सिद्ध शाबर मंत्र
भाषा - हिंदी 


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