Mantra materialized with firm faith -- Master Blessing

Mantra materialized with firm faith --   Master Blessing

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Aura Power
IN 1509, a child was born to a jagirdaar (who possessed a land obtained from the government as a gift) Viruppa and his wife Bachchamma of Baar village (a village of Haveri districk,Karnataka).He was named ‘Kanak’. They belonged to ‘Kurub’caste (shepherds by profession).He lost his father when he was a child. When he grew up he inherited the land of his father One day while redeveloping a patch of land, he happened to dig out immense wealth from his land.. Therefore he became popularly known as ‘Kanaknayak.’in village ‘Kaginele’ he built a grand temple of Lord Keshva.’One night Lord Keshva appeared in his dream and said,’Kanaka! You take refuge in me!’
  In the dream itself, he replied,’ Take refuge? Why should I become a servant just to subsist on alms? I want to become a king.’
After some time he lost his wife and also his mother. Once again the Lord appeared in his dream and said,’Kanaka! Have you forgotten my words?’
‘Why should I abandon my land to subsist on alms?’
‘And what if you lose the land?’
‘I’ will graze goats.’
‘You are ready to graze goats. You are not ready to become mine.’
‘Oh….?’With this he woke up. He started thinking,’ what a problem! Why is the Lord harassing me? I’ve lost my father, my mother and my wife also. Now is this the only thing left for me to be servile to Lord Hari, and subsist on alms?’
Aura Science
After some time, there occurred a fierce battle in that region. In that battle, Kanak’s whole body became pierced with arrows. He found only one support in this terrible condition. He kept calling ‘Keshav…Keshav..’ and then fainted. The enemy took him to be dead and left him in the battlefield
The Lord arrived in human form, and brought him to senses. Kanak asked,’ Who are you?’
The Lord said, ‘What? Kanaka! Have you forgotten me so soon? Which is better? Lying amidst corpses in this battle field or belonging to me?’
‘I feel excruciating pain in the whole body. Once I recover, I’II tells you.’
‘I’II immediately restores your health.’
With the Lord’s touch Kanak got relieved of pain instantly, and he was enraptured. He said,’ My Lord! Why do you put me to all these tests? If I agree to come under your refuge, would you also accede to my wishes?’
‘Yes, I’II does.’
‘OK. Whenever I remember ‘You’, You’ I bless me with your darshan, and just now you blissfully show your real form to me.’
The Lord blessed him with the darshan of his charming four armed’ Vishnu form’, beholding which Kanak entered the state of trance attained in spiritual ecstasy, and he remained seated quietly in that place. Though his physical body was the same, the mind had undergone radical transformation. It was the turning point in his life. In the physical body of Kanak (literally gold), the real gold of dispassion was glittering resplendently. After he came to his senses, he reached home and handed over his business to others.The streets of the village reverberated with his chants of ‘Keshava…Kesgava…’ and after some time people observed that Kanak was washing the feet of Lord Keshav in the temple with his tears.
Now the Lord himself had undertaken the responsibility of Kanak’s blessedness. Whenever the Lord wishes supreme blessedness for his devotee, he enters his life in the form of a revered Sadgure. Not only this, he duly reveals his whereabouts to his devotee.
Aura Circle
   At around midnight, Kanak had a dream. Casting an affectionate glance on his devotee, the Lord said,’Kanaka! You wish to see me always with you? I shall enter your life in the form of a Self-Realized ‘Sadguru.’ Now without any further delay, you get Mantra-Diksha form’s Vyasraiji’ instructed by the guru, when you will know my essential nature, you will become one with me. Then, I can never separate myself from you. You’ll become my supremely beloved devotee..

            Kanak set out in search of master Vyasraiji. At that time, Vyasraiji was busy in getting a huge pond dug at Madan palliregion of Andhra Pradesh. He was thinking how to remove pond. Kanak arrived there and paid his obeisance at the Vyasraiji’s feet.

            Vyasraiji asked, “ Who are you?
            “I’m Kanak, a shepherd.”
            “What do you want?”
            Dear Master! I’ve come to get Mantra Diksha from you.”
            “Mantra – Diksha to a shepherd! ‘Bhainsa’ (he-Buffalo) is the Mantra!”
Aura Vigyan
Auro brightness can be clearly seen on Bapu ji surrounding
            It was as if a thirsty man wandering in the desert in search for water found a spring of water. As if a fish taken out of water reached an ocean! Kanak’s mind became highly elated, ‘I’ve got the Guru-Mantra!’ With all devotion, he bowed before Master and after getting his permission he sat at a secluded place under a tree, and started doing japa of the mantra ‘Bhainsa- Bhainsa’, a powerful auro created surrounding him due to his implicit faith  and devotion to Master made the He-buffalo, the vehicle of Yama(the god of death) appear in that place. He said in low voice, “ What do you want?”

            Kanak lead the he-buffalo to master Vyasraiji, and said, “Gurudev! Your mantra has been materialized. What to do with this now?”

            Vyasraiji, “Bravo! Bravo! This is called steadfastness. You have qualities of a disciple. Now instruct this mammoth Bahinsa to remove the huge boulders from the front of the pond.”

            Reverently obeying the command of his Master, Kanakgot the task done with the help of that he-buffalo, Seeing the firm faith of Kanak, Vyasraiji heart became overwhelmed with affection and he formally initiated Kanak, acceptedhim as his disciple and gave Mantra-Diksha to hjim. From that day, Kanak was fondly known as Kanakdas. Kanakdas ji is one of the renowned/ saints of Karnataka(India). His devotional songs and kirtans are very popular in Karnataka. Apart from being full of devotion to Lord HAri, These Kirtans express glimpse of profound spirituality also. He writes.

            ‘O Lord Vishnu! Please bless me with the remembrance of your lotus feet and association with saints. Lord! I pray, don’t ignore me.’

            ‘O Janardana (Lord Vishnu)! Bless me with knowledge and devotion to maintain my celibacy. Keep me ever absorbed in your remembrance. Rid me of my lowly intellect forever

            ‘O Lord Krishna! Please do not give me birth again. Since You have given birth to me, nurture me; this is the sole request to ‘You’!’

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