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  1. My mother in law is in America for my sis in law's delivery !
    She is not talking... And when she will come back she will try to disgrace me very badly !
    Right now she is not talking to me !
    My husband is totally in her control!
    Before that she tried to take my son to my sis in law for adoption !
    But when my parents n I protested she started to accuse me that I'm only a trouble maker n I'm causing prob for my sis in law ! That I wasn't doing at all!
    N my husband was not supportive so I got scared n tried to flee with my son to abroad ! So that no one will take my son away !
    But the guy I tried to flee with he over crossed me n started to black mail me n contacted my husband n told him every thing that I was planning to do !
    Now my mother in law will come to disgrace me for that n my husband has locked me in the house !
    I can't call any one ! Can't talk to any one ! Can't even hire a kaam wali bai , without his permission!
    Plz help me sir !
    My situation is totally screwed up!

  2. Hello sir,
    I m facing great deal of problem caused by my mother in law !
    Can u help me ..
    My husband doesn't listen to me at all
    My mother in law wants to disgrace me , she will be back in 2 days almost !
    My husband is totally in her control !
    N may b he got other girl as well In his life
    . As I\'m locked up in home!
    Kindly help me sir ! I don't have too much time

    1. As per mentioned above your problems, You required:

      You required powerful Vashikaran Spell Casting for your situations, So that you can solve your problems:
      Don’t worry I will provide you proper solutions which will definitely solve your problems and will provide you 100% satisfaction..

      With the Help of Powerful Vashikaran Spells you will be able to save your Marriage Life and All your family member will be in your favor. They will never treat you poorly like unknown person.

      Are you ready for this Black Magic Powerful Vashikaran Spells? (Type of Hypnotize Spells)

  3. Yes sir ! I'm absolutely ready. And I don't have much of time. She will be back by Wednesday ..

  4. Powerful Vashikaran Spells has been sent to you. Now your all problems will be destroyed properly after this moon (अमावस्या)

  5. Thank u sir I'm waiting ! Plz help me with a spell to enslave my husband ! As he is into other girls ! N I want him to support me always

  6. Dear Yogi Raj,
    I am John from Houston, Recently just before 5 minutes I have paid $99.99 fees for my Love back spells. Miss Jenny is my love, she is my love since my school time but now after completion the college, her family doesn’t allow our marriage at any cost, Actually they want to make her marry with another party who is her father’s business relatives. I am not finding any way, what should I do. Please help me I can’t live without her. I need my LOVE BACK at any cost. Do anything so that I can get my love back.
    Waiting for your noble response …

    1. Dear John,
      I understand your problem and going to provide you Very Powerful Love back spell casting services and Strongest Vashikaran (Hypnotism) Black Magic Spells services.
      Very Powerful Love back spell will keep love live your love in her heart and Vashikaran (Hypnotism) Black Magic Spells will make her parent happy and agree for your marriage.
      Be ready to received your services ….

  7. Sir, Thanks for your prompt response !

    1. Very Powerful Love back spell services and Strongest Vashikaran (Hypnotism) Black Magic Spells services has been provided to you

  8. Amazing, My Love miss Jenny has called me herself today and spend 2 hours with me. She was saying that some dispute has be generated between her father and that relative to whom son's she was going to marry with him. Its break up before marry.

    Sir, Your Powerful Love back spell and Strongest Vashikaran (Hypnotism) Black Magic Spells are really working and now waiting for full result ...

    1. Blessed you with Very Powerful Love back spell services and Strongest Vashikaran (Hypnotism) Black Magic Spells John, Definitely you will get 100% result.

  9. Hi, I am Liston Woccu from South Africa, currently I am 77 year old now, Since last 50 years I Am searching and attached with such Spells Casting spiritual activities But what I am seeing here on this website, I didn’t found anywhere in world. I am already a successful spell caster and cast the spells casting for Love, Sex, Black Magic Spells Caster, Money Spell Casting, Court Case Spells Casting etc all type of spells casting can be done by me. Once I did Black magic spells casting for my client. But the opposite party black magician found very powerful and I got ill instead of help my client. Then I Contact to This Nath Yogi through this website http://www.spiritualsuperpower.com . He provides me black magic spells which help me and my client out from this worst situation. I was very surprise that how did it work. Today I accept that Indian Spirituality is rare and too much strong and on the highest level then the other places of world.

    I learned lot of from this honorable and respectful Gentle man:

    Very Very Thanks to him ..

  10. I am so happy today, I had lost all the hope but you save my hope. You are really my God, I got my love back yesterday. I don't know but all hurdles and difficulties are finished automatically. First Time I used the Spells and I got success. She is ready to live with me. Tomorrow we are going on our First date. I got my love back with your powerful love spells.

    Dear sir I also required for Money Spells. AS I already registered with you. Can you please provide me these spells? I urgently required for Money spells Charms.

    1. God Bless you All Happy and Prosperous Dear John,

      Definitely you will got all spells services whatever your required either it is Love back spells or Money Spells or any other required spells.

  11. i would like my fiance to remain faithful and honest and love me and be devoted to me all the time.
    He is still talking to his ex and I would like him to stay away
    from her and some other women friends
    He also has a temper and very impatient and stubborn
    I would like him to get rid of his temper and be patient
    I would like us to get married asap.
    I want to have a successful life with him

    I strongly required Love Vashikaran Spells and Sex Lust Spells.
    I have already submitted my fees.

    1. Renu Blessed you Love Vashikaran Spells and Sex Lust Spells with Extra Full Power Charms.
      Now don't disclose your all inner feeling now. All Will be well soon. Don't worry.

  12. Goodday sir, my name is Olasunkanmi Rasheed Olawale am from nigeria i come accross your wonderful and powerful black magic vashikaran spells online. sir i really need your help. sir i am nobody i have no parent and i am living on the street am droup out from university due to financal problem am so tire of this life sometime i feel like killing my self because to eat once a day is very diffecult for me i wear wrag cloth nobody to help me. sir i need your power i want to get rich and be wealthed so that i can go back to school . i want to get rich by all means please help me and save a soul. sir help me i want to share a testimony like others from you please help me.

    1. Black Magic Spells Casting or any other magic spells is quite like a science. Where everyone required systematically practice. I have understood your problems. You required Powerful Vashikaran Black Magic Spells and Money Spells.

      So same thing is in your case. I will not do any thing in darkness; everything will be completed by you. you will do spell casting. I will persuade you how you will cast spell. I will provide you full instruction or guidance for some easy spiritual practices. Which you must have to do. My spells were help you 100%.

      Don’t worries once you will complete your practice then you never feel any type of spell casting / caster in future. Because you will be a Successful spell caster your self now..

  13. thank you so much for your understanding and concerned. sir please i want you to enlighten me on some issue.... the money is not my problem. i want to know about the side effect now or in future for these black magic spells and this Vashikaran Hypnotism spells. thanks so much

    1. White Vedic Spells: No Side Effect - for Present and Future : It is most powerful than all other magic (It always take time but provide solid and 100% Rresult)

      Black Magic Spell: Can show you result immediately, But it require too much rules and regulation all time otherwise it can harm you.

      Now what you want to do.I am really very pleased to see your Curiosity toward spiritual practice. I will suggest you for White Vedic Spell which s full powerful and effective but without any side effect. I provides all following spells from White Vedic spells:

      i. Love Spells,
      ii. Sex Spells,
      iii. Money Spells,
      iv. Lust Spells,
      v. VASHIKARAN (Hypnotsm) Spells
      vi. Court Case Spells
      vii. Ex. Love Back Spells
      viii. PEACE SPELLS

      And don't worry after this spiritual practice you will be definitely a good spell caster yourself.

      I guaranteed you that once you will try to do it. You will never leave it because you will feel so much enjoy in it

    2. One More Thing: Spells always works on the favorable desire of spell caster (who will do it). Either it use any way or lotto.
      Spells runs on the desire of that man who is doing spiritual practice ...

  14. i would like for an old best boyfriend to fall in love with me. Forever only have eyes for me only think of me. Actually He is with another Girl but alone there. I loved him since my school time, Now after completing the college, we both are doing job at different place. I want to use Power Love spells and Power Full Vashikaran Spells or Hypnotize spells on him. Can I do this spells and get my love.
    Love spells casting will be enough or I required Vashikaran Spells Casting also. I know only The Expert spells caster can guide me correctly. AS per your website content it looks you have done all this ritual manually. So please guide me the same because you are the only online specialist in spells casting. Plz Reply me.

    1. Definitely Karrie, You required both Powerful Expert Love back spells casting services and Extra power Vashikaran spells caster services. Both spells services will be provided to you. Love back spells will bring back your lover and Vashkaran "Hypnotizm" spells will bound him with your love without any harm.

      So Powerful Love back casting Spells services and Powerful Vashikaran spells caster services will be blessed to you soon ...

  15. Thank you very much for quick response, I need your help in black magic removal for so many people come to me for that, some time people come to me for various possession by unseen sprit and through mediums I communicate with them , most of the time in grace of inner Guru Shiva blessing sprit leave but some time I do come across Tantric send sprit for black magic on people as they appear they do obey for short time but as these sprit are send through tantric kriya its need different approach towards that. Hope I can explain the situation here, I do not have any knowledge for helping these people who come to me for removing black magic, but what I do most of the time I send them to my Dada who knows how to do that.

    My problem is I do these free in name of my inner Guru Shiva blessing and I know some of tantric in my native place do become jealousy and few days ago I fell sick and straight way I could feel that negative energy was in work so I call my Dada and he confirm that and did a removal for what was send toward me.

    I need strong protection as I am dealing with these sprits, I know the sprits do not harm me in anyway as I do not offend them in anyway, but my problem of Tantric who should have obeyed the rule but nowadays they don’t.
    I never think of harming any one but need Tantric kriya protection please I am looking for that very strongly,
    Also I want to advance my spiritualism through you if you are kind enough to take me on that path.

    Thank you.

    1. I read your all the Black magic views whatever you provided:
      1. You want to help those who are poorly affected by black magic.
      2. You want to improve yourself with powerful spiritual energy of Black Magic.
      3. Currently you said, you are sick due to curse of black magic.
      4. Finally you want to learn full black magic ritual or just want to learn only how you can keep protected to black magic yourself and others?

      To learn the full black magic ritual you will have to come to me and stay here, But only for black magic remedies you can learn online by me. I will provide you powerful black magic remedies spell.

      Let me know what you want to do now?

  16. Thank you for your kind quick reply,

    1. yes i want to help those affected by Black magic
    2. Yes Sir need to improve spiritual energy.
    3. I was sick due to some bad energy directed towards me but now feel much better.
    4. Yes i want to learn Black magic ritual but as i am not free till end of this year but will be very interested in doing so and look forward to meet you and gain knowledge.

    But for now i need to learn online black magic remedies to protect myself and others.

    Thank you again for your reply.

    1. Black Magic Remedies and How you can improve spiritually from black magic spells will be send to you.

      Provide me following details also:
      1. Have you done any spiritual practice related to black magic or any other worship any time?
      2. If yes then provide me full details then I will customize and provide you black magic spells.
      3. Because if no then I will have to start from initial stage of black magic learning.

    2. In 2nd point Full Details mean: what black magic or other worship or ritual you do and how you do all?

  17. I love a girl her name was ( X sarma) , due to our educational reason we were separated but now when I am returning from Orissa ,she is now tell me, she don't love me, she don’t want to stay with me and she was back on her 1st love. who is not a good guy. and both of them (mean my girlfriend & her 1st boy friend) have almost 20 to 22 years age difference. i must get back her on my life for lifetime. And want to control her (I mean to say i must want "she is listen my these word" what is right for us both in our future life)and marry with her.
    our parents are agree about our marriage, but now days her(my girlfriend X sarma) refuse both of our parents are worried & create misunderstanding between my & my girlfriend parents. we were going to lots of baba , tantric, gurumata, to solve our problem , because we were listen her first boyfriend doing some kind of black magic on my girlfriend to control her, but of all ware going waste & we were already lost almost 60,000 INR money during this case. but now we have not enough money. So, i want her back and also want to enjoy a happy married life. And we are really worried about her because she will going to destroy her life.

    In past time, when we were going to fake tantric, baba & astrologer to solve our case , first they were tell us for little amount of money but day by day they were charging us a large amount of money. and we were given them everything they told us, but no result and our money was waste.
    first i was don't believe this thing but, due to some real incident i must believe this things.And I am also tell you about that boy, which one is now contact with my girlfriend these are following….
    He is always tried to catch those girl which one has a good career, also a good family background. We have also video proof against this boy (my girlfriend 1st boyfriend), but when we are showed this proof my girlfriend she always tell that” she knows he is not good person, but in future he proof himself & may be a good person” .in this situation we are not able to register any police case against that boy, cause she(my girlfriend) is always in his favorer. And I was listen from various trusted person that boy was going a person who is master of black magic ,and do black magic in my girlfriend. Through this he is able to control my innocent girlfriend & try to destroy her life. We are really worried about her.
    Please help me, we are all living in very big problem. I was reading your website & you told that ” you have currently 64 invisible powerful witches and 56 very powerful and highly effective spirits, they can go anywhere in the world”. So , please send them & what is reality about my case please tell me. I promise you if she really love that boy without any black magic. Then I will step back from her life & always try to protect her as protector for life time, & only make my career & always getting unmarried for her love.

    Due to privacy reason I was not able to mention my girlfriend name & her 1st boyfriend name ,but in your email I was send every details, which I have.
    Here I am also advice to all those people, when you are face back magic, kala jadoo, vashikarn type in your life than you are always search carefully a really good guruji, not going anywhere & not trust anybody.
    So guruji help me .

    1. Gaurab I understand your problem and I analyzed it properly. The witches and Divine spirits which you are requesting is not the easy way of black magic. Because like our human society these are also required someone will be available there to welcome those and will respect these like guests and this process is not easy if I explained you to do there. Means they required platform there to stay there and work there and then can return back, Then these can help you. I send them on the very high requirement bases where client already too much strong from spiritual side.

      But you don’t require worrying about that. I have another black magic reverse remedies which can help you out. You just need to do what I will say to you.
      Here you want to remove black magic effect from your girlfriend so I will provide you the black magic spell ritual for her.

    2. thanks yogi raj ji for quick reply. please tell me what i will have done.

    3. Yogi raj I am really happy to tell it , after a long time I got really a good website which help the those innocent people, which are affected by black magic, and your free service is really best after your word now I am feel so happy, & get a little bit hope on my mind.its give also knowledge about spirituality

    4. yogi raj ji now i am almost free, so tell what i will have do? you tell me that you will provide me the black magic spell ritual for her, so tell me.

    5. Hi is tis easy to do??? Becoz m new

  18. Thank you,
    1. No practice towards Black magic but do very little meditation and Jap of Guru Shiva.

    My experience with spirit world even i can not explain myself.

    Thank you.

    1. Mean you currently you do the Jap of lord Shiva and meditation also for that.
      I will provide you such spells ritual which will not only protect you from black magic but also black magic will reverse back on such black magician or Tantrik.

    2. Thank you
      Yes I do jap of Guru Shiva.
      Is that necessary to reverse as that might hurt the Tantrik, He does this for money and his clients pay for his service, please advice.
      Also how can I remove black magic from people who come to me.


    3. No its not necessary to reverse back to black magician Tantrik. But you just understand according to doctor law. Doctors always provide the medicine which just remove the root of sickness then they became able to cover the diseases. Same thing is here we will not do any thing to that black magician. We will do only our spell ritual related Black magic spells. Now this is the responsibility of spells deity, If black magician will not stop to his activity then deity will not forgive him, because we will be on the path of True and Paramarath. If we do wrong the deity will never co-operate us. But if we will do all ritual of black magic with honesty then deity will help us definitely.
      Don't worry I never provide such spells to anyone which can hurt anybody.
      As a Black magic spells I used only little bit witchcraft spells only nothing else.
      In some cases when I didn't success through black magic then i used white vedic magic spells which required too much hardwork but never can fail at any condition.

    4. Thank you so much for this information and knowledge, please provide me with what needs for these protraction spell for myself and people who come for help to me.
      Also i need your guidelines for advancement in my spiritual path.

  19. Hi, Nath Yogi,
    I am Tracy from Miami, Fl, USA

    I am not sure and I never believe on any spells caster. But On your website I am seeing lot of successful stories. I am also sick from love fever. Currently I am Final year student of Medical science Therefore It’s hard to believe me on such type of spells, That’s why I want to confirm the your following questions:

    Do love spells really work?
    Do Love Spells really work to get your ex back?
    Which love spells really work?
    Is love spell harmful to us? Does it really work?
    Love spells that really work for free?
    Love spells that really work fast?
    Easy effective love spells?

    How I can believe in your love spells that these were work and show result 100%.
    I am your patient and please satisfy me with your sensible answers.
    All above are my requests not any questions to you. Please !
    Because I also required your help, If I will be satisfy to you.

    Tracy Williams

    1. -Do Love spells work? OR Do Love Spells really work to get your ex back?
      > Why not? If you believe in spells and spells can work then why love spells will not work. This Tracy this is the subject of practical not the subject of any dispute. Spells are directly related to Spiritual Powers.

      - Which love spells really work?
      > All spells definitely work then why the doubts for love spells...

      - Is love spell harmful to us? Does it really work? OR Love spells that really work fast?
      > No love spells never harmful for anyone, Love spells only generates the love inside the heart of your lover. Spells always work on the desire of human, if desire is strong then definitely it work fast.

      - Easy effective love spells?

      > My all love spells are powerful and very effective. Just try it, you will accept it yourself...

    2. Dear Raj,

      I am seeing your amazing success in spells casting since last many months. I found you are Powerful, real and successful spell caster. Your spells earned my 100% trust and your spells powers. Actually dear I need Love spells. I had boyfriend named Andrew Smith before 2 months our break ups due to another girl which is in another college, but we both are in same college. I don’t know what happened but he left me without any notice.
      Now only your spells are my hope. I know you are the real son of God and can understand my all desire and wishes.

      Dear, Pease provide me the powerful spells which effect immediately, I am going to pay your one time required fees from above given option. I need my ex love back at any cost. Give me the powerful ex love back spells.

      Waiting your reply ……….

    3. Powerful Love Spells or Ex love back spells blessed to Tracy Williams.
      Tracy inner filling of your BF have love for you, very soon he will leave his new girl friend and he will be with u, Don't worry

    4. Dear Raj, What a Amazing surprise your spells gives me. My Love Andrew call me yesterday and do love voice chat with me for an hour. And today we are gong on a long drive.

      That was unbelievable, First time I used love spells and i am getting 100% success. This is a great surprise for me.

      Many many thanks to you dear Raj and to your spells powers.

    5. Dear Raj will you also provide me your powerful Money spells ?
      As I have already registered with you.

    6. God Bless you All Happy of Life Tracy with Powerful spell.

      Whenever any time you feel any type of spells. you will get free spell for all life time now because you are registered with us.

  20. Your website are admirable and full of knowledge. Black magic and Vashikaran Mantra are the techniques of astrology by which we can get our desire one. vashikaran makes the preferred one under our control and it is mostly used to get love back in life.Black magic and Vashikaran Mantra are the techniques of astrology by which we can get our desire one. vashikaran makes the preferred one under our control and it is mostly used to get love back in life. Black Magic Specialist and Vashikaran Specialist panditji gives you all the techniques to control some one mind

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  23. REQUIRED LOVE BACK SPELLS, MY EX Love left me, I need him back. Please provide me ex love back spells.

    Sir, I belong from a Bengali Bramhmin family and my boyfriend belong from kerala, He is a south indian guy and he is not bramhmin. Our relationship started after I lost my father in the year 2011 29th march. After that he came to my life and at that time I was very much alone and I started loving him. Everything was ok between us and he told me that He wants to marry me, he loves me and I am very much happy. But suddenly from 2012 September everything started going wrong. He started avoiding me. He said me so many things which hurt me a lot. Suddenly one day he said that he can't marry me because he want to marry another girl who is very poor and ill and he want to give her a better life. He came to kn ow about that girl from a newspaper and he went to meet her.

    Another thing Sir, when we were in relationship he said me that he had relationship with a christian girl for 3 years and still they are in contact, but he told me that there is nothing between them now but when I used to call him and if he is taking with that christian girl he do not used to receive my call but if I am calling him and at the same time the christian girl used to call him he used to disconnect my call and used to talk to her.

    At that time also sometimes he used to behave very badly with me, when I used to say him that after you reach home please make a call or if not possible that send me a message, he do not used to do that and so I used to get tensed and i used to make a call but strangely he most of the time used to respond to my calls badly saying me such things which made me cry many times.

    But after he told me that he went to met that he want to marry that ill and poor girl to give her a better life, and he came to know about her from daily newspaper he himself stop contacting me and when after calling again and again i do not get any response i also stopped calling him. Because he had hurt me so much Sir, He used to love me before but after that he started hurting me, and after that thing he used to make calls to me in an interval of 3 months asking me how am i and my mom as my mom also new about this relationship. And he used to ask me about me and my mom, and at that time i said him that there are lots and lots of poor and ill health girls are there and it s not possible to marry everyone and give them a better life we can only stand with them and can help them and we also can open NGO's for their support.Because marriage is not the solution.

    But sir, I do not know why he cheated me when he himself knows that I love him like anything. And before 2 months he made a call to me and he said that he is going to marry that poor girl on 15th April this year and after that he called me yesterday and asked me that how am I and my mom. At that time I said to him that you had already left me and now you do not have to ask me all these. You got married then live with your married life with his words I am not sure may be he is lying to me but he may be truly got married to her. I behave a bit in a strict manner with him because I do not want that he should understand from my voice that I still love him and my heart still cries for him. Because as he has cheated me, it is make him happy that I still love him.

    Sir, please help me to get my love back. i still love him and i can't forget him. Please help me Sir. And sir is there any contact number of your's so that I can talk to you over phone.

  24. Chris is my ex-lover now. Has been since May 23rd. We used to be so happy with each other and loved each other with all of our hearts. We\'d make up some cheesy names. Everyone thought we were the perfect couple because we have never left each other alone and was always there for each other. He was my first boyfriend with a long term relationship that lasted for 9 months, almost 10 months. But he broke up with me because we \"fight\" way too much. We do fight but not often. He gets often depressed easily. I get easily angry. This happened because of my massive problems that my family has been giving me. It\'s ridiculous of what they did. They would not leave Chris and me alone. I think that\'s way we broke up. But he\'s been acting so different than he was towards to me when we were together. All I get from him is anger and hate. I did nothing wrong... After all he was the one who broke up with me. He never looked back to me. He just turned 17 on June 25th. I\'m only 18 but soon will be 19. He is now dating a girl named Amanda. She has a bad reputation. I do not know how old Amanda or her birthdate is. All I know is that she is a year older than Chris. Her reputation is from going to one guy then to the other and on. She\'s a cheater. I don\'t want her around him anymore. I want to break them up and return Chris to me because he was my first everything. I mean everything. He is amazing guy. I would die for him if he wanted me dead. I just love him with all my heart. But Chris has blocked me on Facebook, deleted my number, and other things. He has completely blocked me out. I\'ll email you the pictures of Chris, Amanda and me once you answer me. What I want to change is break up Chris\' relationship with Amanda and return to me permanently. I cannot imagine my life without him. I am positive that he is the one. Please help my case.

    But there is one problem. I am broke. No money. But I cannot use money on the internet because my grandmother stalks my bank account. I cannot go to stores and get some money cards. That means putting money in it and doing it online which my grandmother can see that. I do not want her to know about my doing on this. It\'s not easy. I live with her. Write me back, asap

    1. Sabrina you required ex Love back Spells and Vidveshan Spell. Love spells will generate love inside the heart of your ex – love and Vidveshan spells will make him free from his new girl friend.

      I will provide you both of these spells and your problem will be solved 100%.

      Just provide me ans of following questions:

      - Do you use spells services from any other spells caster, provide me full details, because it’s necessary to know about this for further process or customize spells for you.
      - Are you not able to meet your love?
      - Because your lover didn’t love you more, but you love him. What he does and what his new Girl Friend do?

      First provide me above questions…

  25. Namaste Guruji,

    I am married and I had an affair with a married man.I never met him personally,we just used to talk on phone and saw each other on internet.The proposal is from his side,I was not interested at start but slowly he was able to impress me and i got attached to him deeply.After 4 months,he started avoiding me and starts saying that because i am getting possessive for him he donot want to continue now.I tried my level best to assure him that i am not doing any harm to him and will never do any harm to his family.He knows that my intentions were fair ,will never let to harm my and his family even then he started saying that he dont want me now.May be he cheated me from the start.But I love him so much with deep and true feelings that i really cant live without him.I want him to come back to me as soon as possible with full passion for me with true and real love that he use to show.I dont know may be he got interested in some other woman or used to do things like this before but whatever is the situation i request you to please make him come to me as soon as possible.I want him to get obssessed and possessive for me and cant even think to live without me.
    I also tried chandrawajra vashikaran for 41days for him but nothing worked out.

    1. Puja as you mentioned that you have already done the ritual for Vashikaran spells casting yourself. chandrawajra vashikaran is also very powerful which never can fail. Definitely you have done some mistakes in your ritual.
      So let me now about your vashikaran spells ritual mean how you do this vashiaran ritual and what spells you chant and how many times in a day?, so that i can rectify you and then 100% you will get success in your aim.

    2. Guruji,

      I have not yet completed this ritual .I am on the way.Let me tell you what i have done so far:
      This puja is of 41days(I am doing under a pandit from varanasi) :
      Day1: I have been given one doll that has been energised by me by the mantra "Om hreem jambhay jambhay mohay mohay akarshay akarshay (name of the target)vashyam vashyam hreem pat swaha"(1008 times i chanted it and every time i blow over the doll after mantra) then the doll was pressed under a heavy stone.Every day i am lighting tail deepak over the doll by chanting this mantra 21times day and evening.This has to continue till the puja ends.

      I am also given hatthajodi and siyyarsinghi along with sarvsiddhi yantra,shatru yantra and vashikaran yantra. Every evening i light ghee deepak and dhoop to sarvsiddhi yantra and pray ,tail deepak to shatru yantra and ghee deepak and dhoop to vashikaran yantra.
      For Vashikaran yantra : I place it on wooden seat covered with red cloth then i also sit on red mat and light a ghee deepak and dhoop to it and chant mantra that is written over it 501times for 10days and then 108times after that .i have to do this till the puja ends.

    3. Continue...
      Hatthajodi mantra for first 10days was:In the evening after sunset.The hatthajodi (kept under wooden box with sindoor 11eliachi,11lawng and itra)was placed on wooden seat covered with black cloth and i sit on white mat facing north side ,lighted ghee deepak,dhoop "Om namoh urvashi tohi mantra sunao khadi kalega lawe tohi jeewta chahe jo (name of the target)vashya na howe toh hanumant ki aan guru gorakhnath ki duhai anjani poot wapis lawe mera pair pare mere paas aaye pind kancha shabd sancha puro mantra ishwaro wacha" (1008times daily)

      Siyyarsinghi(kept under wooden box with sindoor 11eliachi,11lawng and black urad) mantra for first 10days was:In the evening after sunset. It was placed over wooden seat covered with red cloth and and i sit on red mat facing east chanting mantra "Om namoh bhagwati vidhya mohini (name of the man) akarshaye hoom.1008times daily.

      DAY (11-20)

      Hatthajodi mantra changed: It was changed to " om namoh kat kat vikat vikat ghor ghor dhorjchatay vikatay (name of the person) mein vash manay swaha" chanted to 1008times daily.
      Siyyarsinghi mantra: "Om hreem namoh arhantanam ,om hreem namoh siddhanam,on hreem namoh aayriyanam.........." 1008times daily.

      two more mantra from day 11-20
      1."Om em hreem shreem kleem kalikey (name of the desired person)mum vashyam kuru kuru (name of the desired person) kaman mein sadhya sadhya swaha." chanted 1008times daily by lighitng sarson tail deepak in front of the person photo facing west on black mat in afternoon.
      2. "Om namoh bhaskaray trilokatmany(name of the desired person)shripati mein vashyam kuru kuru swaha" 501times daily on red mat with ghee deepak in front of his photo facing east side.

    4. continue....
      Day (21-30)
      Hattajodi : no mantra only the mantra that has been chanted for 10days daily for 11th-20th day "om namoh kat kat vikat vikat ghor ghor dhorjchatay vikatay (name of the person) mein vash manay swaha" this has to chant while taking food afternnon and evening for 51times while taking lunch and dinner and only two times food recommended.

      Siyarsinghi: The mantra has been changed to: "Kreem kreem Kreem ugra prabhay vikat dhanshtay par paksham mohay mohay (name of the desired person) manay om namoh swaha" 1008times daily on black mat lighting sarson tail deepak

      One more mantra : Om chamunday jai jai vashyam kari jai jai sarv satwath namoh swaha" on blue mat lighting sarson tail deepak in front of his photo on blue mat 501times daily

      1. A tantra has been given which i am writing on bhojpatra with red chandan and anar ki kalem for 1008times and 1009th one has to be kept under honey bottle and flow it in river.
      2. A tantra has been given which has to write on white paper with kesar ink and kaner ki kalem and make it a baati then i have to light it in deepak,the tail will be til ka tail.For 21days.
      3. A tantra has to write on amawasya with gangajal,goruchan and kesar then i have to do a formal puja of it and then i have to tie it on my neck.
      4.A tantra has been given which has to write on bhojpatra with juice of black dhatura leaves and kaner ki kalem and then i have to make it hot for 7days morning and evening.


      My pandit said that now the hatthajodi mantra will be changed to "Om namoh narayanay "name of the desired person"mumum vasham kuru kuru swaha"1008times after doing formal puja of vishnu dev.

      Two more mantra will be added from 31st day that will be vajra mantra and moon mantra.

      But i am worried that insplite of doing such a hard ritual but yet my desired man not even contacted me for once.My pandit said let it complete and then see what happens but i am worried that why i am not getting result.Kindly guide me.

    5. DAY (11-20)

      Hatthajodi mantra changed: It was changed to " om namoh kat kat vikat vikat ghor ghor dhorjchatay vikatay (name of the person) mein vash manay swaha" chanted to 1008times daily.
      Siyyarsinghi mantra: "Om hreem namoh arhantanam ,om hreem namoh siddhanam,on hreem namoh aayriyanam.........." 1008times daily.

      two more mantra from day 11-20
      1."Om em hreem shreem kleem kalikey (name of the desired person)mum vashyam kuru kuru (name of the desired person) kaman mein sadhya sadhya swaha." chanted 1008times daily by lighitng sarson tail deepak in front of the person photo facing west on black mat in afternoon.
      2. "Om namoh bhaskaray trilokatmany(name of the desired person)shripati mein vashyam kuru kuru swaha" 501times daily on red mat with ghee deepak in front of his photo facing east side.

    6. Puja You are doing this Vashikaran Ritual, I was assuming that you had completed it. Let it complete first. Because in between another ritual or another instruction in between the ritual will not be beneficial. So let this love vashikaran spells ritual complete. Remember as you are busy with this ritual so do it with full trust and faith. This is also a very powerful love vashikaran spells and your ex love definitely back to you.

    7. Sure Guruji Thanks a lot for your valuable and precious advice.I will get back to you with my result in 20 days as the ritual will complete in next 15days.

    8. Guruji,

      As you know I am doing Chandravajra vashikaran puja and now 5 more days left for it to complete.That i will complete with hawan of vajra and ahuti of chanra mantra.I want to know why i am not getting any result so far.How many days it takes to show its result.will it show after completion of the ritual when energised vajra is relived during hawan or when?This is making me sad because 35days passes but no result so far.

    9. Puja, I didn't provide you any Vashikaran ritual, Pandit or baba who provide you this Vashikaran ritual can explain you exactly why you are not getting success because you are doing Vashiaran ritual under their instructions. From my side what I am seeing - I am seeing lack of trust and faith in you. This is the main thing which the Sadhak should have.

      Except above on 6th July there were 15 days left of your ritual, Now just after 5 days on 11 July, you are saying that just 5 days has left and 35 days have been past. I am not sure that you are serious or real client....

    10. Guruji,

      Its just 5days left to complete my mantras.then hawan will start total is 10days left but for mantras its 5days left.It is not that i am not serious or real.
      Truely speaking when i started i started in full faith but as the time is passing by any i am not getting any single positive feedback ,the lack of trust is coming.Sorry but this is true i dont want to lie.But Guruji it is normal it comes when we try so hard and only same days are left but we donot get result.

      My pandit says that let it complete and see if he has to come he will.That makes me more worry.

    11. Guruji,

      But because i really love the man deeply and truely not for lust but for love and full of true emotions.I hope that my hard efforts will give me the favourable results in the coming 10days till the whole ritual will complete.That is best what i can pray and think this time.i m really really serious about this ,please dont say that i am not serious.I am serious thats why i am worried too.And contacted genuine saint like you .

    12. Guruji,

      Kindly give me your blessings so that i can achieve success.

    13. Guruji,

      You have not replied to any of my post.Please,i am done with my ritual now.Kindly guide me the best most strong ritual or spell or mantra that will full work as per my case.Please give me your guidance and support.I am real and serious client otherwise i can never be able to tell you whatever i have done so far.I have lots of hope in you.Please help me.

    14. Aapne abhi tak koi reply nahi kiya? please help kijiye meri

    15. Puja, did you get your ans by Vashikaran now?did you get success?

  26. sir ji plzz call me i want this ....i dont have card give me ur account number ....and plzz call me 91-8339951116

    1. What you want Ranveer?
      What type of Vashikaran you want to do. I have all types of powerful vashikaran spells. Love spells, ex love back spells, Black magic spells etc.
      Just let me know about your desire properly.

  27. I was with my ex for a year then he gone for another girl,, now i want him back.. i am registered so can u cast a spell for me for free? what is ur e-mail id guruji that i can send all information in there.

    1. Shanti, Don't worry about the Spells, I will provide you the Ex Love Back Spells. Its really very powerful and works. But your registration is pending. You can contact me at: spellshariaum@spiritualsuperpower.com

  28. Guruji, it should not be pending as money has been reserved in my bank. I checked that today.You need to send claim request for that money i believe. They reserved your money I have sent you my problem details on 2 e-mails today. shanti i used here as a name. I will provide my real name on the given e-mail. I already sent you 2 e-mails with my problem and spells i require. My boyfriend gone with an European girl on 1st of July this year and when I heard that I send him text message and sward on his mom and dad on that message as i could not take it. His friends never wanted me to be with him. As I have no permanent stay in UK and jobless and no permanent accommodation so he left me for that European girl. He used to love me, talked about having a family , a baby girl.. I feel so bad now.. I want him back.. I want him to die for me and he should not get attracted to any other girl apart from me in his whole life and marry me and we should not have any problem in our life. Stay together and die together. He should become caring and loving husband. I want luck on lottery and money as well. For money I suffered a lot.

  29. yogi raj ji , i think you are remember me now i am totally free , so i ask you whats type of advice for me to return back my lover. because you are my last hope.

  30. Name : Shaik Ghore Saheb

    Sex : Male

    Date of birth (dd/mon/yyyy) : 04 - October - 1977

    Time of birth : Not sure (But surely between 19:15 to 20:00 Hrs.)

    Place of Birth (city, country) : "ERRAGONDAPALEM", Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh State, "INDIA".

    Current Place : "CUMBUM" PIN: 523 333", Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh State, INDIA.

    Profession : Planning Engineer (But now I am an unemployee since 3 years. When I was working I used to get around 1lack rupees per month. Now, I don't even have a single penny in my pocket)

    I am wearing Red Coral ring on my Right Hand's Index finger and Gomedh ring on the Middle finger.

    The problem in short :

    Two of my well known persons, who are christians by their religion, told me that somebody done black magic on me twice or thrice.

    Nowadays, I am experiencing all the symptoms as I have mentioned earlier.

    The most important thing is my mother is getting effected with this black magic very much.

    We have consulted many doctors for her health since many years. Every doctor is saying there is no issue with her health.

    In my life, my wife left me by blaming in many bad ways
    (Example: I have made her blue films and selling in the market,
    I am going to prostitutes
    I am hitting her everyday for extra dowry and many more bad things.
    Hardly, She had stayed with me for 10 months and 10 days after our marriage.
    In between this time period, i didn't even said a bad word like "PIG". I never hit her.
    The horrible thing is no one is believing me.).

    Every interview i'm attending is a failure nowadays.

    Since almost six months, I am having jaundice. I am taking medicines and still not cured.

    I am seeing some shadows in my room.

    One day, one crow came to hit me on my head. This type of incident happened twice.

    Everybody is avoiding me in a very strange way.

    There are many more things, which are making me scared to think of.

    You have asked for a recent photograph. If you can forgive me, I don't even have money to take a new picture. Meanwhile, I am sending you, my Aadhaar ID in Jpg format. Kindly, see if it can work or not. Next time, I will try to send you my new picture, as my financial condition is very very bad right now.

    I dont even know, whether I can pay back or not. But, I promise you, whenever, I will be in a position to pay back, I will definitely, pay you back. Sir. But, for now I need your help very badly. Kindly help me. Please find out what is happening around me and who is doing all this and very important thing is how much time do I have more to solve this problem?

    1. Definitely your symptoms are related to Black Magic Spells Effect, You are required to black magic spells removal spells. I will provide you these spells and clarify your problem.

  31. Guruji,

    I want most of the strongest spell or ritual that can bring my ex-boyfriend back as soon as possible because he will go out of India in a month.Please help me.

  32. Kindly provide me the most strongest ritual or spell that can bring my ex-boy back as soon as possible

  33. sir, i am in grt problem. I want my love back. She is leaving away. I dnt hav the time pls do smethng for me.

  34. Pranam maharaj yogi raj ji!

    Mera naam Amrita hai aur main baht mushkil samay se guzar rahi hu iswakt. Meri shaadi 14 feb 2008 ko hui thi aur love marriage hui thi. Mere sasural walo ne mujhko mentally baht torture kiya aur hamesha unki yehi koshish rehti thi ki mera aur mere husband ka divorce ho jaaye. Humaara ek bacha bhi hai jo ab5 saal ka hai. Sir mere husband ne shaadi k baad match fixing mein 32lakh ka nuksaan kiya tha jiski bharpayi ghar ko bechkar hui. Meri saas ne apne bhaiyon kaur apni beti aur jawai saath milkar ladai jhagda karke mujhe aur mere pati ko us ghar se jaane ko kaha aur saara ilzaam mujhpe lagaaya ki main adjustible nature ki nai hu isliye ab humko alag alag ghar kiraaye par lekar apne is ghar ko P.G banana padega. Jab ghar bikega jo bhi bachega woh beta tumhaara hi hai. Emotional baatein karke ghar se pyar se nikaal diya. Humko 4 mahine pehle pata laga ki ghar bik chuka hai. Jab inhone apne kaam ko badhaane k liye paiso ki baat kari to boley ki abhi jitne paiso se kaam chal raha hai 1.5 lakh se kaam chala tera may 2013 tak samay theek nahi. Dheerey dheerey kaam mein lagey paise sab ghar kharch aur kiraaye mein lagtey chale gaye aur msri naukri bhi shoot gayi june mein. Inhone apne bete ko andhere mein rakha aur bewakuf banate rahe. 30 july ko inhone mere husband ko apni dukan par bulaaya aur saaf saaf kehdiya tu rikshaw chala ya driver ki naukri kar humaare paas ghar bech kar kuch nai bacha jabki ghar crore 75lakh ka bika. Mere husband ko unki mother aur mama ne on the spot baht peeta aur 100 number bula k jail karwaane ki koshish kari. Complaint mein yeh likhwaaya ki yeh humko maarne ki dhamki de raha tha jabki iska humse koi lene dena nahi hum isko aur iske biwi bache ko fargatti de chuke hain 2009 mein. Mere pitaji ko bhi yeh jhatka bardash nai hua aur hypertension se 28 aug ko unka nidhan hogaya. Guru ji humko is dal dal se bahr nikaalo pls.. Mera pati ab 15000 ki naukri kar raha hai aur main abhitak berozgaar hu.ghar k raashan meri badi behen deti hai aur kiraaya duwri behn.

    1. you required Women Good luck spells with the combination of powerful Vashikaran Spells

  35. Maharaj ji pls meri madad kijiye. Aur aisa white spell kijiye jis se humaari zindagi asaan aur sukhdaayak ho. Humaari condition baht kharab hai iswakt. Main jyaada fees bhi nai de paungi magar yeh waada karti hu meri financial position theek hote hi apko apki fees dedungi.

  36. Guruji
    i m convinced for wot u suggest. Plz guide me how to proceed further .
    Warm regards,

    1. Following url will help you definitely:

    2. http://www.spiritualsuperpower.com/2013/09/powerful-shidh-shabar-mantra-ebook.html

  37. Pranam Yogi Raj Ji,

    I am female. My Life has been a mess from last 4 years. I previously liked a Guy but due to family and personnel issue we had to break up and then i was depressed and sad and did not allow anybody to come close to me for entire year. Infact i was ready for arrange marriage too but sudenly Now since 8-10 months, I was able to like one guy and i feel emotionally very attached to him. He likes me too but he has not yet conveyed his feelings towards me or have asked for marriage. In-fact he says he does not believe in love and marriage. He is close to me but he also keeps talking to lot of other girls too which i dont like. But because our relationship is not exclusive i can not stop him.

    Few days back on Sept 5th, I had discussion and argument with him regarding marriage and after that, he has not been talking to me. it is hurting me a lot as we used to be very close. There has been no communication. And i sincerely feel that he is the one for me coz we always had great time together and were happy together.

    So i was hoping if you could let me know some mantra solution or anushthan so he can agree to convey his feelings towards me and also AGREE for MARRIAGE. I Love him truly and am positive we will have great married life together.

    My main concern is that i want to get married by this November with this Guy.

    I would be willing to chant any mantras for this or get some puja done but i would like to get solution to this quickly as i have lot of parental pressure to get married.

    I have lot of hopes that you would be able to help and provide genuine solution as i am fed up trying different means and quite upset and depressed these days.

    Thanks a lot

  38. Hi, I am interested in doing something for peace and resolution in my life. A lot of things such as voices saying not today and not tonight keep lingering around and preventing love and separating me from those I cherish. If that could be fixed and I was allowed the potential for spending time with those I care about. Meaning they have the choice to hang out with me free of anyone preventing our feelings for one another ect.

    1. Dear Charly,
      First you said you are interested in peace and resolutions spells in life. But in next words you are asking something different. Remember peace spells will always be different to all another.
      Please clear what you required in actual ?

    * i called her on 12-12-12 she said she will never come back to me but
    just coz she spend good time with me , she can only be my friend n
    cant take my tension as she already had too much issues. She also said
    that i was too much possesive for her n now she want to enjoy her
    life. She dont have any emotion or feelings for me n she dont care
    even if i die or do anything
    On other hand wen our mutual friend called her 4 months back wen i met
    wid an accident she said i cant forget kunal, i still luv him . Just
    tell kunal to be ok i will come back to him. At that time she was
    confuse whether to come back to me
    Now she is so negative n dont even care about me , she said yes i
    luved u but now things r changed and i have 0 feelings for u but if u
    want i can talk to u as friend. She dont find my talks n me
    interesting now

    1. She loves you even now and want to marry with you !!!

  40. Iam 2nd year Engg student I hav failed in my all subjects weak in studying I dont have much money to make Pooja. Please help me to get rank in my collage and earn money because I hav responsibly to take care of my family. I want to show my relatives that m by useless

  41. Iam all alone in collage no frnds. All hate me I guess meri kya mistake hai me sabki help karti hi phir b mujse kuch nahi mila. I want to hear my name in high I want sucess guru ji please help I want to prove tat u cn do

  42. I dnt hav card to register myself please help me my exams are near my lecture torchar me and insult me a lot I hav to prove tat I cn Pass my sub in rank

    1. Naina - You required Saraswatya Mantra Ritual. That will fulfill your all desire which you mentioned above.

    2. Thanks for ur reply guru ji. Iam new for this tel me how to do this iam struggling a lot in studies wel Thursday is my exams help me guru ji

    3. Guru ji you tel me how to do is there any restriction should I follow ???

    4. Following URL will help you for all this what you required and want ....

    5. I don't knw anything please tel me the spells iam worried.i need a spell to knw the question paper prepared my our lecturer and I also want to spell to see d answer and write in xam please tel me guru ji tis is my Id nainan963@gmail.com

  43. Dear Baba Ji,


    I am writing this email with great pain and sorrow hoping that atleast you will understand and help me by providing Maran Mantra to kill myself.

    I am manager by profession. I met a girl, we took oath of getting married (I put tilak on her fore head) and later she came to my home had physical relationship with me. I informed my parents about we getting married but my parents didnt agree initially and I finally told my parents that we are married and also have physical relationship as well.

    After my parents agreed, girl is not agreeing and she says she never had any feeling for me. I am unable to answer my parents and unable to forget the girl as well as I deeply love her.

    I tried committing suicide but failed twice. I went various vashikaran baba and wasted my money. I left the job as she didnt want me to work with her in same office. I am going mad and unable to forget her. Please help me.

  44. Today at 3:07 PM
    Dear Baba Ji,


    I am writing this email with great pain and sorrow hoping that atleast you will understand and help me by providing Maran Mantra to kill myself.

    I am manager by profession. I met a girl, we took oath of getting married (I put tilak on her fore head) and later she came to my home had physical relationship with me. I informed my parents about we getting married but my parents didnt agree initially and I finally told my parents that we are married and also have physical relationship as well.

    After my parents agreed, girl is not agreeing and she says she never had any feeling for me. I am unable to answer my parents and unable to forget the girl as well as I deeply love her.

    I tried committing suicide but failed twice. I went various vashikaran baba and wasted my money. Please help me. please!!!!!!

    1. You are required the lord Krishna Vashikaran spells

  45. Sir, wont you do the vashikaran or what ever required. I am a muslim but I want a powerful vashikaran done to stop my husband divorcing me. Also I wan to stop my sister doing black magic to separate my husband and me. I also want to get rid of her driver who helps her to ruin my family. His sister is keen to see us divorced as she is benefitted. She takes all his money.My husbands new friends are lying to him abt me to get him married to one of their sisters who is also a divoree. I have many enemies whom I dont eve know. My sister is doing all this coz she is jelous and also wants to get my house cheap. Its her upstair. I dont work and have no income. Pls. Tell me whether you will cast these spells or vashikarans for me if I register with you. Also pls email me on thesilvereagle27@gmail.com so that I can explai better .I dont want my identity known. In my case their many parts to it. I also want a spell done for money as I am in a very destitute state. Pls.try to help me. Hope to hear from you soo n. God bless!

  46. please help my name cameo canales, i am having a problem with spiritual attacks and my kids being held away from me, please i live in united states

  47. sir,i m anitha frm kerala,my boyfrnd left me b4 1month 4 his famly ..we wr love each othr..bt his famly knew our relatn dat tim they brain washd his mind nd done some pujas 4 sepearate each other,then he hatred me alot nd told me he dnt lik me and want 2 stop dis relatn,i realy shocked nd beged 4 my love,bt he rejectd me,he changed his number nd blockd frm his facebook,i need him sir,can u help me,i want 2 mary him wid his famly blesng,pls help me

  48. Dear Yogi Raj, I am from Landon UK.
    I have registered and paid your fees for Love spells or ex love back spells by vashikaran mantra. Please provide me these all. How you will work. I can not explain all my problem here openly.
    please accept my all from email and provide me my required spells.

    1. Anjali you need not to disclose your secret here. Now you are registered with me for life time. Whatever spells you required in your future also. We will bless you. Be Happy

    2. I will reply you from email with in 24 hours

  49. dear sir mein supriya mera boyfriend abhi dur chala gaya hai muje woh chahiye kiase pa shakthi hu,abhi bi contact pe hu dusre naam dalke facebook pe use patha nahi mein hi hu pls use vapas dilwa dijiye

  50. dear sir mein kaise aapko paise beju aur mien ek ladke se pyar karthi thi abhi woh muje choda hai 2011 pe.2012 se mein face book aur mobile pe dusre naam pe contact pe hu.use abhi patha chal raha hai ki mein supriya hu phir dantega.mein unse khub pyar karthi hu mein tention pe aapko bahut mail ki thi aapka rply nahi mili.pls kuch tho kijiye muje unko pana hai kaise pavu aap bol sakthe ho jaldi pana hai abhi woh yaha karnatak pe hai 2 din baad mumbai chala jayega pls

  51. dear sir muje ex love kaise pana hai

    1. Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra will definitely help you out

  52. Hi Yogi raj,

    I am from India. I need my lover back who is at present working in Foreign. I want to use your love spell. But I heard from some experts that vashikaran mantra/ love spell if used without guru's advise will show success. Kindly help me. I need only 100% successful solution and without any adverse effects.

    1. Don't worry Just use Vedic Spells for Vashikaran, It will took time but you will get success in your desire without any adverse effect.

  53. Thanks Yogi Raj for your prompt reply. Am a female native. I have a minimum of below 30 days to try my luck because I have spent a year for another vashikaran services which did not turn successful. It is really urgent. Therefore I really request you to give me a 100% successful procedure. Kindly tell me which vashikaran or spell to use. Please do remember my lover is abroad.

    Also kindly let me know, if am not receiving positive results will you surely help me with your service.

    1. Use the spells provided on following url: that url will definitely help you to get your love back by Vashikaran:

  54. Sir, I have already lost lots of money but have not got the result. Its really urgent. I want my boyfriend marry me asap.. What can I do? his mom is not agreeing that is the reason of his inhibition to marriage.


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